Intraday ‘Robbery’ Pavilion… Create the history of the country’s film industry

Intraday ‘Robbery’ Pavilion… Create the history of the country’s film industry

Rompak has made its own history when it was published by utilizing the new NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology which is supported by thousands of community members who are NFT holders for this film.

The film, starring Zizan Razak, Tony Eusoff, Daiyan Trisha, MK K-Clique, Azhar Sulaiman, Ezlyyn, Niezam Zaidi, Siti Khadijah Halim, and Chubb E, will be the first film in Southeast Asia to utilize NFT technology. The film raises the theme of the issue of fraud and ‘scam’ that often occur in the society of this country.

The film, which was co -produced between financial portal and production company 4ward Pictures, held its premiere at Dadi Cinema, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, attended by a line -up of producers and key actors involved in the success of the Rompak film.

The event was also enlivened by the presence of hundreds of NFT holders of the film.

At the event, there was also the launch of NFT 3D digital advertisements, the soundtrack of the film’s song titled Tragis and also the film trailer.

The launch made history when it was posted on a giant digital billboard at the entrance of the Pavilion shopping mall in front of thousands of visitors.

In line with the current world technology, the demand for artwork in the form of NFT is increasing and the use of technology based on ‘blockchain’ or block chain is increasingly gaining the attention of many, including celebrities and leading brands in the world.

Foreign famous celebrities and athletes such as Justin Bieber, Eminem, Lionel Messi, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg and many more are among those involved in the NFT world.

The term Non-Fungible Token or NFT is perhaps still vague about it. Still, it has become a trend and the latest ‘sensation’ of late.

NFT in a simple sense is like one form of grant that grants copyright to assets digitally. It is quite popular in the form of photo sharing.

But, now various parties are looking at the diversity of use of NFT technology.
It is now also widely used for painting, music, animation, GIF, video, cosmetics in video games, concert tickets, club memberships and much more.

Malaysia itself is also taking steps to make NFT as a major trade that has seen such digital tokens allow anyone to sell and buy ownership of digital assets.

The production of the film Rompak published by became the first to utilize NFT with a special utility to its owner and the proof of ownership of NFT is stored in a chain of blocks, making it “unchangeable” and unique to have its own value that can reach tens of thousands of ringgit.

Chief Executive Officer of Moshed Tech Sdn Bhd Moshed Mohamad.

According to its Chief Executive Officer, Moshed Mohamad said it was time for NFT to be accepted and adopted in our country.

“In a simple sense, this NFT can be understood through such situations. Imagine there is a digital artwork that has its own charm and appeal suddenly contagious and becomes the attention of many.

“But we know, digital works are so easy to ‘steal’ anyone with the speed of technology now. There are parties who arbitrarily ‘rob’ without giving credit or source information obtained.

“So through the use of the NFT, this artwork can be protected and considered as an asset that has its own value,” Moshed said.

Add Moshed again, this NFT is bound in a contract that is in the chain block until any time.

He said, consumers or fans also have certain ownership over the film’s work depending on the method of ownership determined by the publication.

“Like people use ‘rare’ items or limited edition collection items. The item is of course genuine and we can track who the original owner is through NFT. The chain block is seen as a code where outsiders can see and know who it belongs to.

“Like the Rompak film project, we released the NFT which is called the project holder. Meaning those who support this film, we can impact them.

“For example, we sold 1000 shares or holdings before without knowing who they were. But otherwise with NFT we can know. Those who buy and own this NFT film can also feel it like a work of theirs. In fact, they also get benefits including a 20 percent profit from the film royalty when it is screened later, ”he said.

Moshed added, NFT allows various problems to arise such as the issue of royalties which previously invited great debate.

“Through this NFT, we also want to trigger a new revolution for artists to diversify the income from the films produced.

“NFT was also introduced to educate the public as a ‘financial market media’ to do things that are accepted by many. We want to educate those who watch this film to join NFT.

“We want to create this community by teaching and exposing them to the NFT clause for about three to four months. Not just ‘investing’ in buying NFT, but we want them to understand its knowledge and importance. We start with this film project as a prelude. We are targeting 50,000 NFT communities in Malaysia to be reached in the fastest time, ”he said.

He added that through Intraday, various instruments such as stock exchange rates, gold purchases and other investments want to be spread.

“It should be remembered that NFT is a technology based on exchange rates. Maybe in two or three years, more people will understand what we are trying to do through this NFT.

“Like the price of this Rompak film is sold based on the market offer price. We open the introductory price with various levels including ‘private sale’, ‘pre-sale’ and ‘public sale’.

“For example, buy for RM400 privately. But when it is opened to the public, the price can reach RM1000. The community that buys it can put RM1000 as the floor price, ”he said.

Moshed said further, this NFT technology incorporates many things like a stock market trading center.

“For example, when buying something at a certain price, there must be fluctuations. Everyone can conspire not to sell it at a low price.

“Over time, the price will soar. We will also be introducing the next project that makes NFT a utility.

“Anyone who buys Rompak by NFT also has the potential to get the opportunity to buy at a cheap price for the next project,” he said.

Sales of NFT units for the film Rompak since it was launched at the ‘private sale’ session last January until now have reached RM1 million accumulated.

To those who want to get NFT movie Robbery can visit now.

With the presence of this NFT, people have the opportunity to buy NFT for the film and can enjoy various advantages offered to it.

Based on the official IntradayNFT website, they stated that they will offer a 20 percent royalty to NFT holders in offering exclusive behind -the -scenes content as well as receiving the ability to vote on who the actors are for the next film.

The movie Rompak will be screened at Astro First starting June 16, 2022.

source – wilayahku

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