Instagrammable Landscape Park will be the focus of RFP 2022

Instagrammable Landscape Park will be the focus of RFP 2022

It is anticipated that as many as 500,000 visitors to the annual Floria Diraja Putrajaya or Royal Floria Putrajaya (RFP) 2022 event will visit various parks in the festival which will take place from 29 August to 4 September.

Among the parks that are interesting and will attract attention are the Instagrammable Landscape Parks or OOTD Parks which will also be competed in the 2022 RFP landscape competition.

Interestingly, the park design which was competed under Syarikat Putrajaya Leisure & Services Group Sdn Bhd (PULSE Group) was themed on marine life to raise awareness towards protecting and preserving.

According to the PULSE Group Project Manager who is also a Landscape Architect, Roziyanti Abu Darim , his party implements the 3R concept, namely reduce (reduce wasting), reuse (re-use) and recycle (recycle) to increase awareness.

“All of our materials are made from bottles, plastics, tires, wood and iron which can show awareness to save the ocean. In addition, the theme of this design is orchid flowers to balance the flora and fauna,” he said.

The location of the park, which is located close to Taman England, is an area that will be loved by young people who like to take pictures with their respective Outfit of The day (OOTD).

Meanwhile, adjacent to this park, there is a cafe with an ‘ outdoor cafe ‘ (F&B) concept, which is operated by the catering company Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) and also Floria Beach Cafe which is operated by PULSE Grande Hotel.

In addition, other components recommended by the PULSE Group are the Landscape Competition for the Higher Education Institution and the Lighted Ornament Bot Show.

“The Landscape Competition for Higher Education Institutions, including the Creative Garden and Attractive Lighting category, will provide opportunities for students and students to show their creativity, artistry and professionalism in highlighting their talents by producing creative gardens.

“In addition to participation certificates and first, second and third place prizes to the eight participating institutions, an incentive of RM5,000 was given to each institution based on the Travel Sector Sepadan Geran (GSSP) from the Malaysian Ministry of Travel and Culture (MOTAC) to encourage participation in addition to providing convenience in terms of cost of fostered parks, transportation, food, drinks and lodging,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Illuminated Bot Exhibition and the Water Recreation Show are also one of the main attractions for activities at night. There are five Dong Dang Sayang boats and three cruises provided by the PULSE Group through Marina Putrajaya.

Obviously Roziyanti visitors have the opportunity to ride the Dong Dang Sayang Boat and cruise that will be provided throughout the festival.

Meanwhile, PULSE Group also expressed its gratitude to the Malaysian Ministry of Travel and Culture (MOTAC) for always supporting efforts towards improving the performance of the travel industry and the country’s economic development.

“PULSE Group is willing to cooperate with MOTAC, Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj), contractors, suppliers, traders from time to time to realize this prestigious program,” he said.

source – wilayahku

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