‘inDJ’ situation•emotion AI recommendation service has been honored the CES 2023 Innovation Awards

‘inDJ’ situation•emotion AI recommendation service has been honored the CES 2023 Innovation Awards

The first situation•emotion recognition AI service

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — inDJ an AI-based customized emotional music recommendation service company has been honored the Innovation Awards at CES 2023. CES is the world’s largest IT exhibition hosted by the U.S. Consumer Technology Association (CTA). This is the first time that app situation•emotion recognition AI service has been honored at CES.

The American Consumer Technology Association, host of CES, selects the innovation award by evaluating entries in advance before the exhibition. It is an award given to one product or service that has received the highest evaluation in the field, focusing on technology, design, and innovation.

inDJ is an AI service company that has changed the one-sided music service paradigm that does not consider the user situations and emotions. It is a method of recommending music, content, and healthcare information by analyzing user emotions and situations. In addition not only the music genre that users prefer, but the AI provides music lists according to more than 20,000 situations such as mood, weather, and patterns based on smart-phones, IoT, and connected car sensors. Also, based on the AI labeling system the AI analyzes the data of music’s sentiment, genres, instrumental composition, BPM and social network.

Especially, the system released by inDJ that recommends content by identifying user situations and emotional patterns was recognized for its innovation by not only analyzing seasons or weather but even user’s driving habits, driving conditions, and travel etc. inDJ has achieved more than 500,000 downloads and ranked 1st place in app store at the rapidly growing AI market. Numerous vehicle companies such as BMW and Tesla are considering adopting inDJ technology.

Jung Woo-ju, CEO of inDJ said, “We are very proud to be honored for inDJ’s practical AI technology at CES Innovation Awards” and “We will become a growing company in the world by analyzing situations for future cars such as autonomous vehicles and expanding AI content recommendation systems and fandom community services.”

Meanwhile, inDJ is providing a service that automatically analyzes situations and emotions to recommend content by applying TPO strategies (Time, Place, Occasion) to music platforms as a 3D modeling AI system.



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