Incredible filming locations from popular movies

Incredible filming locations from popular movies

In 1895, history’s first film audience was treated to “L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat.” The fifty-second film featured a train pulling into a Parisian station and, if myth serves correctly, caused the viewing audience to flee in panic after thinking a real-life train was barreling towards them.

Since then, cinema has remained steadfast in its commitment to taking your breath away at any cost. If the goal of film is to create images that last a lifetime, a breathtaking location is a good first move.

Some parts of the globe have been immortalized so profoundly that their sense of place no longer exists irrespective of the films in question. One example? Try visiting the North Islands of New Zealand and stopping your synapses from seeing Hobbits everywhere you go.

Each of the following locations served as the setting for some of Hollywood’s most famous scenes. Iconic lines were uttered in their deserts and nameless horrors committed in their woods. Stacker has compiled a list of 30 iconic filming locations—from shires to monuments and all the stunning locales in between. Hollywood may be firmly settled in Los Angeles, but its reach is nothing short of global.


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