In the absence of Mamat Khalid, who is the next legacy connector?

In the absence of Mamat Khalid, who is the next legacy connector?

MAMAT Khalid, the man who taught the audience to laugh watching a movie that made them laugh.

Loaded with elements of satire and global issues, that’s Mamat’s touch that no one can replace.

The loss of the late Mamat on October 24 last year when he was 58 years old was a great loss for the country’s art industry.

No cooking, there are only his hands no matter sitting in the director’s chair or grinding the questioner to produce a movie script and any work of art, it’s like a magic.

It tastes amazing.

As proof, the film “Hantu Kak Limah” once broke a record as the first Malay film to record a stage -breaking collection worth more than RM30 million.

It was only in 2007, the film franchise directed and produced by his company Enjit Semut Production was in the top position which remains relevant to this day.

Mamat is the creator of a new trend for the Malaysian film industry.

After Mamat, there are only new scripts produced by various local artists that inject an element of humor while at the same time raising the values ​​of family, morals and entertainment.

True, Mamat is an irreplaceable foremost artist.

Mamat’s departure has not yet fulfilled his wish to finish the film “Kampung Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali”.

Even so, his son, the heir to Mamat’s legacy, Mohd Khalid Amen continued the rest.

Let the tears be shed on the set of “Kampung Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali”, Amen managed to fulfill the last dream of his late father successfully.

Meanwhile, the film “Kampung Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali” has now been completed and is ready to be screened soon.

“Kampung Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali” was filmed for 10 days from November 15 around Teluk Senangin and Kuala Kangsar.

The manuscript became the last work written by the late Mamat two weeks before he breathed his last.

To be aired by Astro First, the film stars Aziz M Osman, Kazar Saisi, Bell Ngasri, Ahmad Yasin, Rashid Othman, Azman Naim, Datin Paduka Eina Azman and many more.

Recalling, the late Mamat Khalid or his real name, Mohamad Mohamad Khalid, 58, breathed his last while on his way to Slim River Hospital, Perak on October 24, at 12.30 midnight.

He leaves a widow, Hasmah Hassan and five children. Apart from Amen, the deceased and his wife were blessed with four other children, namely Mohd Khalid Zaffa, Nor Sara, Mohd Khalid Adam and Nur Hassanah.


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