Iman Troye was appointed as Nims ambassador

Iman Troye was appointed as Nims ambassador

Young SINGER, Iman Troye continues to to prove that she is still the choice of certain companies to appoint her as a product ambassador, despite competing with many other artists or influencers.

Recently, Iman Troye, 19, was appointed as an ambassador for Nims brand chocolate and grain-based food products for a year in an effort to introduce it to the Malaysian market as well as overseas.

The founder of Nims, Tengku Norhanim Tengku Othman, the selection of Iman Troye was able to boost the company’s sales by 30 percent next year.

According to her, the singer who is popular with the song Harum Sundal Malam was chosen because she has a cheerful character that reflects happiness when enjoying the product.

“The character is owned by Iman Troye who is an individual who is always cheerful and cheerful.

“For Nims, to remain the main leader in the market, in addition to having to come up with different variations, ambassadors also play an important role in introducing the brand to the public,” he said at the recent launch of Nims’ new product, Nims Crispy Choco Tub Starberry.

Nims which now has a product range of seven flavors produced by Nims Adeliciousz Sdn. Bhd.

Meanwhile, Tengku Norhanim added, Nims has now begun to conquer the markets of Indonesia, Brunei and even Singapore.

She said, her party will also open another factory branch in Indonesia by 2023 following the success of Nim’s factory which was given GMP recognition in November 2022.

She said, until now, the Nim’s brand itself already has three factories in Meru, Klang since being on the market since 2014.

“To produce the latest product, it is not an easy matter and it takes months to carry out research and development.

“However, I am grateful that the Nims product range remains sold up to 350,000 jars a month until today and once recorded the highest sales of up to 500,000 jars a month during the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO),” she said.

source – wilayahku

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