Iman Troye is proud that nearly 200 PTTI students have taken their grades from G to A.

Iman Troye is proud that nearly 200 PTTI students have taken their grades from G to A.

TREND is proud to show the results of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2021 despite not excelling on social media, including TikTok, which received various reactions recently.

In fact, on average, many are unhappy with the trend because it is able to influence other students not to have to study hard and get excellent results.

However, the fact is that such a situation is not fair to be proud of. Thus, the PTTI academic center still believes that learning still depends on the intention and effort to achieve the best success.

The ambassador of the academic center, Iman Troye was recently proud because almost 200 students who follow the popular education brand got improved results from grade G to A in the SPM 2021 examination announced on 16 June.

In fact, simultaneously with the announcement of SPM during the day, the singer of the song Nang together with the academic center offered RM300 to 10 lucky students who managed to upgrade the grade.

Recently, the 10 students have received rewards offered. Including students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK), Taman Bunga Raya in Rawang, Selangor, namely Nur Anis Mohd Ridhwan’s younger brother.

Iman or real name Siti Nur Iman Alyssa Sahabudin said the achievement achieved by the students through the initiative done by the academic center is quite proud.

“I myself once fought with the SPM examination in 2019. The challenge of studying today with the speed of social media technology is not easy.

“The same goes for those who struggled to learn in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, salute those who are not discouraged and make trials or challenges an excuse.

“The success of Nur Anis’s sister, for example, who has never been able to straight A in her life, has changed in the blink of an eye by following the study technique at PTTI,” said Iman.

Said the singer of the song Teman again, successfully boosting the grade from G to A is not an easy thing.

“But clearly, nothing is impossible in this life. The determination and precision to prove the improvement in life as well as lessons can give a beautiful ending.

“There is no reason to succeed. Only those who give reasons are often deadlocked in life.

“In fact, we learn to get good grades or results. Not the other way around, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the Founder of PTTI, Siti Farhana Abu Osman or more affectionately known as Cikgu Fana herself expressed her gratitude for the improvement in grades involving their guidance students.

“Nur Anis’ direct message on Instagram (IG) that I received was quite exciting for me. How he praised our efforts as PTTI teachers, made me sad.

“Which teacher is not proud if his students do not appreciate the knowledge shared. More importantly their success certainly makes the parents proud.

“Congratulations to more than 5,247 of our students who got SPM results this time. Including almost 200 who managed to raise their grades from G to A, ”said Cikgu Fana.

Cikgu Fana added that the success achieved by their SPM students this year will continue to be a boost to the aggressively organized efforts since 2016.

“Thank you for continuing to trust us,” said Ms. Fana.

Answering the issue of the trend of proudly showing poor SPM results such as ‘straight G’, Cikgu Fana described it as not a healthy culture.

“All this time we have been studying hard to achieve the best grades. Even if the effort doesn’t yield excellent results though, at least we’ve made an effort.

“In the past, students failed to be ashamed if they failed to get the best results. But now, the opposite is happening because they are too busy building ‘content’ on social media even though it is not something to be proud of, ”said Cikgu Fana.

This scientific center has received the Bestbrands BrandLaureate Award in Online Education Platform in 2020.

In fact, an online learning application called PTTI: Better Result, which was promoted in 2021, was named in the global rankings as a recipient of the Education 2.0 – Best Companies Award on March and then took place at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

source – wilayahku

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