‘I’m worried there was no news from Jit Murad last week’ – Tina Fadzil

‘I’m worried there was no news from Jit Murad last week’ – Tina Fadzil

KUALA LUMPUR: “I am not happy and worried that there has been no news from the deceased since last week,” said a close friend of the late Jit Murad, Tina Fadzil.

Tina said the last time she met the late Jit was at the end of last month but the late did not show any change or strange behavior before leaving forever.

“I did not expect the meeting at the end of last month with the deceased to be our last meeting. My heart is not happy and worried because there have been no posts on the deceased’s social media since last week.

“I tried to contact him (the deceased), but not reachable ,” he told Astro AWANI here, on Sunday.

Scanning the thrilling moment she went through, Tina said, she and three other friends went to Jit’s house at about 2pm yesterday after failing to contact him.

“Upon entering the house, I was really shocked to see Jit lifeless in one of the rooms,” he said while holding back tears.

He added that he then called the 999 line and one of his friends called Jit’s sister who arrived a few minutes later.

When asked to share the beautiful moments with the late, Tina said, she was too sad and had no words at the moment.

“Our friendship started 15 years ago, I always cook and send to his house. A lot of love and grief we went through together, only this is not the time for me to share. I miss him so much,” he said.

According to him, the deceased’s body was sent to the University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) to undergo the COVID-19 screening test and then an autopsy was performed.

Astro AWANI is still trying to get more information on the funeral arrangements of the late.

Jit, the son of the former Malaysian Director General of Education, the late Tan Sri Murad Mohamed Noor, died on Saturday at the age of 62.

-Umavathi Ramayah

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