“I’m sorry because I’m not as strong as you…” – Sissy Iman hasn’t recovered yet, asking for space

“I’m sorry because I’m not as strong as you…” – Sissy Iman hasn’t recovered yet, asking for space

SINGER Sissy Iman admits that she still hasn’t recovered after going through a sad episode when she received a heart-wrenching comment from the jury Mas Idayu in a program on Sunday.

In fact, he is still unable to continue his routine that needs to be done for preparation every week.

“Wednesday should be the day we get the concept of the show so that the production team can find materials and stylists prepare the clothes.

“However, this week my brain is empty, there are no songs or visuals,” she said.

Sissy shared the expression in a post on Instagram yesterday

The singer of Pesanan Ayahanda also apologized to her partner in the competition, Naim Daniel, for not giving the proper commitment.

“We promised to face all possibilities together long before this competition started, but I’m sorry because I couldn’t be as strong as you.

“I’m sorry because you have to face all the questions alone, including your calls and messages that I didn’t answer before, when all of this should be our joint responsibility.

“It’s not for nothing that you have to be the leader for all this,” she explained.

For now, Sissy asked him to be given space before getting back up to continue.

“I also apologize to all my media friends and other friends for leaving you all in the dark phase like I’m going through right now.

“Do not worry. God willing, I will come back and give it a little more time,” she said again.

Since last Sunday, Sissy’s name became the talk of the town after she was seen shedding tears after receiving harsh criticism from Mas Idayu.

Through the criticism, Mas Idayu thinks that Sissy and Naim’s performance when singing Hael Husaini’s Jampi song in the keroncong version did not reach its standards.

The matter scratched the heart of Sissy who thought she was no longer loved by music so she was willing to cancel the launch of her latest album which was recorded in London, United Kingdom last year.


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