“I’m not aware of anything” – Shidee crashes on the way to the surau

“I’m not aware of anything” – Shidee crashes on the way to the surau

SINGER Shidee was reportedly involved in an accident at his residence at PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil, on Sunday.

However, Shidee said he was not aware of the accident and only knew he was involved in the accident after being in the ambulance.

“I was not aware of anything and only knew I had an accident when I was in the ambulance,” he said.

According to Shidee, the accident happened when he was heading to the surau to perform Asar prayers.

The participant of Gegar Vaganza 8 , who is also a bilal at the surau, said that he had difficulty remembering whether he fell or was hit by others in the incident.

“I went to the surau on an electric scooter. If you want to say I fell, I must know this.

“But this I realized in an ambulance and taken to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Center (UMMC) for further examination.

“Even now, I am still in a weak condition and suffered small injuries. The doctor said my condition was okay but when I woke up I was dizzy and felt dizzy,” he told Harian Metro.

According to him, he wants to see his further development before seeing a doctor again.

“But I think I have to go for another check -up because I’m coughing up blood and this worries me,” Shidee said, citing a Metro Daily report, here, today.

“Yesterday the doctor did an X -ray scan twice and I said okay, no internal wounds.

“However, when I returned home, I coughed and bled. The doctor did not know about this,” said Shidee, who was reportedly allowed to return home. last night.


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