‘I’m fine’ – Shuib doesn’t mind DS Vida taking care of his children

‘I’m fine’ – Shuib doesn’t mind DS Vida taking care of his children

COMEDIAN Shuib Sepahtu doesn’t mind if popular cosmetics entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Vida wants to share his love with his children.

According to Shuib, he has no problem with the statement issued by Vida and at the same time, also respects the netizen’s opinion on the matter.

“Regarding Datuk Seri Vida’s statement during the day, I actually don’t care.

“For me, as long as it doesn’t touch on things that can hurt the feelings or sensitivities of any party, I’m fine.

“I consider the expression of wanting to ride the love of Shuib’s children as a general expression only.

“I have no problem with the expression. Maybe netizens feel uncomfortable, but I’m okay. Because I know her,” he said .

According to Shuib, he also does not prevent anyone who wants to share their love with his children.

“Honestly, I don’t mind if someone wants to give love to children… I don’t mind spending time with them, especially with people I know,” he said.

In the meantime, Shuib also shared that Datuk Seri Vida’s relationship with his late wife was once quite close.

He said that after the passing of his beloved wife, the late Siti Sarah, matters related to business that were still not completed were taken care of by his mother-in-law, Mak De.

“My meeting with Datuk Seri Vida during the day happened at a restaurant during dinner.

“During the day, Datuk Seri Vida already met my children, but in the evening, she came once for the dinner session.

“It is true that for now the business related matters that were previously managed by my late wife are managed by Mak De. So the meeting was just a coincidence,” he said.

Earlier, netizens questioned Datuk Seri Vida’s statement that he wanted to share love with Shuib’s children, namely Uwais, Talita and Matin.

source – Gempak


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