‘I’m a’ happening ‘and’ classy ‘mom!’ – Ning Baizura doesn’t mind bringing the mother character in KUASA

SINGER and actor, Ning Baizura admits he doesn’t mind when offered to play the role of a mother at the age of 46.

Ning said it was time for him to step into a more mature character level and give way to other young actors.

“Until when do I want to play a young character, considering that this year I am also 46 years old.

“For me, this is a life cycle… it’s time I bring the mother character according to the suitability of the given character.

“Now it’s the turn of the backers and the younger group to bring the character that I have brought before,” he told Gempak .

Ning was spotted during a pre-viewing ceremony for the premium drama series POWER, recently.

The drama, which will meet the audience from April 11, highlights the fictional story of an influential family in the entertainment world that lives full of glamor, fame, greed for power and betrayal.

Commenting further on her character in KUASA as Puan Sri Lily, Ning said the mother character she played had a ‘ class ‘ of its own.

“My character in this is a mother and a strong and‘ powerful ’one.

“Puan Seri Lily is the character of a woman who takes care of her husband, children and family well and carefully.

“In fact, he is also the backbone that unites every member of the family.

“After all, this mother’s character is happening and classy ! I did makeup and made my own hair for this premium drama.

So she looks like a trendy mother, even sitting at home there must be ‘ bling bling ‘ jewelry on her body, ”she shared again.

Apart from Ning, KUASA which is the Astro Original of the series features a combination of senior and new actors such as Nadia Brian, Ridzuan Hashim, Nazim Othman, Dazrin Kamarudin, Izzy Reef, Nia Atasha, Alicia Amin, Syanie Hisham and Azri Iskandar.

KUASA tells the story of a family of a leading publisher who is very influential and lives in splendor, with three children who will inherit his legacy.

Each member of the family has their own agenda in order to dominate the empire.

Watch KUASA which will be shown on Astro Citra channel at 9 pm, starting April 11.

You can also stream on the Astro GO or On Demand platforms.

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source – Gempak


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