Ikram launches ‘Keluarga Utuh’ theme song

Ikram launches ‘Keluarga Utuh’ theme song

SHAH ALAM: Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia (Ikram) has launched the theme song ‘Keluarga Utuh’ in conjunction with the 2021 Family Month Celebration.

The director of the celebration, Nahar Md Nor said, the song aims to inspire more love and harmony between family members to achieve integrity.

According to him, the music video of the family song published by Ikram in collaboration with SampaiJadi Records (SJR).

“This is Ikram’s second song published with SJR. The first song is ‘Selamanya Malaysia’ in conjunction with the National Month Celebration 2021 on 15 August to 16 September 2021, “he said on Sunday.

Afdhal Thuairi’s song ‘Keluarga Utuh’ was composed by Rauf D, who also contributed lyrics with Nahar and Zarina Azhari.

According to Nahar, apart from the song, various activities have been and are being implemented by Ikram in conjunction with the 2021 Family Month Celebration themed ‘Keluarga Utuh Kekuatan Negara’.

Among them are intact family conventions, webinars, short films, quizzes, short video competitions, family-themed articles and posters, in addition to family activities at the state Ikram level and its institutions.

“I invite all Malaysians regardless of religion and race to work together to make the Family Month Celebration a success this November,” he said.

He added that this celebration is in line with the Malaysian Family Month celebration which is being implemented by the government this month.

Ikram is expected to hold the closing ceremony of the Family Month Celebration on 1 December.

-Sinar Harian

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