If you’re a music fan, London or New York might be the best places to live

If you’re a music fan, London or New York might be the best places to live

CERTAIN cities seem to be made for music lovers. Nashville, Tennessee is one example. While the American city has been given the nickname “Music City,” a new study indicates that it’s not the spot that comes top of the charts.
The Momox website has compiled a list of the most “music-friendly” cities by analyzing and comparing the musical influence and musical infrastructure support of 30 cities. It used indicators such as the percentage of people working in the arts and the number of times the city was recently featured on a major world tour.
London comes in at the top of the ranking. The English capital stands out for the number of record companies it’s home and the quality of its musical education. Big names in music such as David Bowie, Adele and Amy Winehouse were also born here.

London is closely followed by New York. The Big Apple does well thanks to the online popularity of the many songs that have been recorded there. Paris is in third place in the ranking. An honorable score that the French capital owes, in part, to its very high concentration of record stores per capita. Only Nashville is ahead of it on this criterion.

Unsurprisingly, Los Angeles and Berlin are also in the top 5 of the most influential global cities from a musical point of view. The German capital has the highest percentage of jobs in the arts sector, ahead of Stockholm and Paris.

The United States is the most represented country in the ranking thanks to cities like Chicago (#7), Atlanta (#8) and San Francisco (#9). This is not surprising, particularly if one considers a previous statistical study conducted by Momox. It demonstrated that the North American country was the most influential in the music industry, ahead of the UK, France and Germany.

Discover the ranking of the ten most musical cities in the world below:
1 – London, England

2 – New York, United States

3 – Paris, France

4 – Los Angeles, United States

5 – Berlin, Germany

6 – Seoul, South Korea

7 – Chicago, United States

8 – Atlanta, United States

9 – San Francisco, United States

10 – Stockholm, Sweden

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