“If other singers want to go viral, that’s their right”-Aweera

“If other singers want to go viral, that’s their right”-Aweera

SINGER Aweera admits that he is picky about the selection of songs and lyrics to ensure that the script released remains relevant in the long run.

Aweera or her real name, Nasharul Aweera Norhissam, 31, said she prefers works that are constantly fresh.

“For example, Isabella’s song. If you hear it feels like it was launched yesterday. I want that. If other singers want to highlight something viral, that’s up to them. That’s everyone’s right.

“It’s just that for me, I’m more interested in a ‘masterpiece’ copy, which means maybe in the next 20, 30 years, people will still remember our songs. That’s what I want, “he said.

Aweera will launch a new single, Menakluk Hatimu created by Tam Spider and the lyrics will be written by Keon, next July.

The last time Aweera appeared with the song Wanita Cinta Teragung, was more than six years ago.

Asked about her art journey after participating in the Gegar Vaganza 8 (GV8) program, Aweera did not deny that she is now more mature in arranging art journeys.

“Before this, I had swallowed all kinds of issues. I take it as a lesson. I don’t blame anyone. I blame myself. When I was young and I was studying. God willing, everything will be better.

“Happy with this story ‘the new Aweera’, pray for me. I admit wrong, we are weak servants. I’ve been on top before. What happened taught a lot, gave a lesson, ”he said at the Jennaira Holdings Sdn Bhd x Arviena Open House at the Royal Chulan Hotel, Petaling Jaya on Sunday.

Jennaira Holding, which is run by Datin Seri Azlina Hanim and her husband, has several other business chains such as beverages, food, yogurt ice cream, health products and several other businesses.

“Jennaira’s hijab with her ambassador, Arviena is still considered new and thank God so far the response received online is quite positive.

“We produce this hijab in three stages through 10 different patterns and concepts. It uses satin fabric, there is a pom -pom and even a shawl. The price is affordable, RM70 a piece and thankfully, it is also marketed in Indonesia.

“Each issue is limited. Must be ‘pre-ordered’, so it is more exclusive and God willing, a new collection will be launched in conjunction with Hari Raya Haji later, “he said who is also optimistic of releasing the telekung, soon.

Believing that sustenance is more meaningful when shared, Azlina is grateful to all parties who are willing to work together to make her open house a success, this year.

“We invite more than 700 tahfiz children and orphans to celebrate Hari Raya together. Even during the husband’s birthday celebration and breaking the fast before, we also invited them. It has become a tradition for us at Jennaira Holding.

“Even with every purchase of this hijab or any of our products, they also indirectly donate in making this open house a success.

“The ceremony which started at around 2.00 pm and led to the night with a Bollywood theme went smoothly, thank God,” he added.

source – wilayahku


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