“If it’s not tasty, I don’t accept” – Khai Bahar

“If it’s not tasty, I don’t accept” – Khai Bahar

The sincerity of singer and composer, Khai Bahar, makes product reviews and promotes them on Instagram (IG) and other social media platforms, attracting many people to edit him as an ambassador or representative.

However, this sustenance also sided with him to become a merchant of chocolate -based snack tub products and Chocoalbab brand cereals.

According to the original lineage, the brand’s offer was accepted in October last year. But at that time, the application was well rejected because it was tied to various other commitments including singing and acting.

“But the brand’s efforts have never known the term despair. It can’t be this way and that way, they also use people who are good to me. It seems to be the same effort because I finally gave up.

“In addition, I’m a fan of chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Shortened the story since last January, I ‘tied’ them for a certain period. If they are satisfied, insyaAllah, our ‘mate’ will last.

“I’m not the type to promote food products in particular. If it’s not tasty, I won’t accept being an ambassador. I don’t want to be seen as a ‘hypocrite’ promoting bad food just because I’m paid,” he said.

Said Khai or his real name, Muhammad Khairul Baharuddin, 27, has become accustomed to his attitude and habit of doing things sincerely.

So not strange, the owner of the product brand empire praised the reckless attitude of the singer of the song Luluh who had promoted the product more than 19 times in a month without knowing the time.

“I don’t want to be nice. It’s just that it’s more of a human attitude. I believe other people will probably do the same thing.

“Good food should be shared. After all, people who pay us to be ambassadors, must be promoted. The feeling of enthusiasm to promote this product becomes so because like I said earlier, all kinds of chocolate -based food has become a favorite.

“In the case of over -promoting this than what is set, I believe it goes back to the question of reciprocity of something. Maybe it’s already my attitude like that.

“The owner of the brand is also professional and doesn’t count, so I don’t mind ‘spending’ more to promote it. People are good with us, it’s not wrong for us to do the same thing,” he added.

Teased by the question of whether his actions might have been motivated by the payment received and understood to be quite lucrative, Khai just smiled.

“Suffice it to say it was very satisfying to me. Despite this brand’s proposal being rejected at first, I believe there is written wisdom and sustenance.

“Add to that the COVID-19 pandemic situation that is still lingering in our country, I have to think about the future. I have to spend wisely and save for old age.

“Even though the agenda and arts activities have been relaxed, I believe we must be ready to generate other income. We do not know what may happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow,” he said.

Shooting 12 Jam
Add this Perlis -born native again, the most exciting when the filming of the brand’s promotional video took almost 12 hours.

“Imagine in that period in order to get the best angle and satisfy the brand, I ended up having to eat dozens of tubs of chocolate.

“Fortunately, it enters the stomach, the food is liked. So, serve it as well. Tiredness is normal, but pushed aside. Promise everyone is ‘happy’ and satisfied,” he said.

In another development, Khai who has just launched his latest single titled Damba is waiting for the day to make a success of the Nafas Cinta Concert, Khai Bahar on 12 February at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Center (PJ Pac).

The premium chocolate and Almond bean mixed cereal brand was launched in April last year by its founder, Said Saiful Fazli under CLA Empire Sdn Bhd.

Comes with three types of flavors, Choco Rice, Choco Ball and Mini Choco Crunch, the brand with the tagline Hidup Biarlah Sedap is targeting sales of one million tubs a month in addition to being exported to Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand.

Its distributors now exceed 2000 people throughout Malaysia. The first month it was launched, 50,000 tubs were sold.

The word albab in the brand is taken from the Arabic language which means “Door” which gives a more accurate meaning to the Door of Sustenance and the Door of Happiness.


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