“If it’s itchy type, anywhere will still itch” – Producer Fadzil Teh

“If it’s itchy type, anywhere will still itch” – Producer Fadzil Teh

Popular PUBLISHER Fadzil Teh from Zeel Production slammed the itchy attitude of actresses on set. What’s more, the person who was harassed was a male actor with the status of a husband.

Fadzil Teh or better known as Haji Zeel said, itchy women do not change easily and will do the same in every filming location that involves her.

“If you’re already itchy, no matter where you shoot, you’ll still be itchy. What do you really want to enter this industry?

“If you feel like bothering someone’s husband, you better (go) bother someone who is great out there, right?

“Heartache, what do you do, you can’t even get a big income. I know. As a publisher I know how much they charge. If you’re not rich, why do you want to show off?,” he explained in a video that went viral through Budiey’s TikTok account.

Haji Zeel said this after winning the Best Telenovela Award category for his drama Ayahanda in the Telenovela Awards.

Earlier, there was an uproar when singer and actress Bella Astillah received a message from an actress who liked her husband, Aliff Aziz.

The female actress paired with Aliff for a drama, Sophia Al-Barakbah, received severe criticism when she allegedly tried to seduce Aliff Aziz


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