IBU, The Story of a Independence Figure: Unsung superheroes are adapted into puppetry

IBU, The Story of a Independence Figure: Unsung superheroes are adapted into puppetry

IN CONJUNCTION with National Day and Malaysia Day this year, Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) presents the story of an unsung national figure, Tan Sri Hajah Zainon Binti Sulaiman or better known as Ibu Zain in the film titled “IBU, Kisah Seorang Tokoh Kemerdekaan”.

The story of Ibu Zain is told through the eyes of her daughter, Fadzilah Amin or Tok Lah using the earliest animation format in this country, which is wayang kulit.

Zain’s mother, a hero who fought for the motherland has given inspiration to stand up, stand up, and fight for independence.

She was also a pioneer of Malay women in the field of education and politics and dared to speak out when the people of Malaya demanded independence.

Not to be forgotten is his service who also joined hands with the men in their campaign.

His childhood ambition to become a doctor was not fulfilled. Finally he served as a teacher who went on to become one of the leaders of the Malayan independence struggle from 1946 to 1957.

Through the Wayang Kulit Fusion Collaboration, this short film is told in the wayang kulit format in an effort to highlight it as the culture and heritage of the nation, to guide and shape the character so that it remains in its traditional style.

However, “IBU, the story of a figure of independence” is not just a narration in the usual wayang kulit format.

Users can experience it in an interactive and unique 360-degree format on YouTube, Facebook and the Mengkir Malaysia website.

It is part of the #CarvingMalaysia initiative to preserve and celebrate culture including Malaysian heritage through innovative technology.

Watch a story inspired by the life of Ibu Zain through a 360-degree interactive wayang kulit at https://www.tm.com.my/MenginkirMalaysia.

Meanwhile, the 360-degree interactive puppet show is also in line with TM’s dream and transformation from a telecommunications company to a human-centric technology company, as well as leading every technological evolution to deliver a better and continuous customer experience.

The role of the campaign is also to connect progress with culture, in addition to celebrating heritage through technological innovation that can be a part of Malaysians’ lives.

TM is not just a telecommunications platform but a platform that brings sophisticated and unique experiences, while celebrating various cultures and heritages during the festive season when people are more interested in cultural aspects.

TM also wants to be known as an enabler and catalyst of technology, highlighting cultural evolution and celebration through technology.

source – Ehsan A Marisah


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