“I was abused by …” – The late Tangmo’s Facebook suddenly became active again

“I was abused by …” – The late Tangmo’s Facebook suddenly became active again

IT IS weird! The Facebook account of a famous Thai celebrity who died last February, Tangmo Nida, suddenly became active.

Even more shocking was when several statuses were uploaded on the social media site to spark various speculations.

The first status uploaded at 11.23am featured a picture of Tangmo from behind with the status sounding; “I have been abused by a friend who is loved and trusted”.

Then, through the second status at 4.10 pm, told Tangmo not to go anywhere and still waiting for permission from five individuals.

“I haven’t gone anywhere, still waiting the truth from 5 people.

“If don’t want to tell the truth, I will tell everyone everything that happened on the speedboat the night of the incident.

” Delete all the details in the mobile phone . Remember, it can be recall back, my good friends,” wrote the account.

Other statuses uploaded on Facebook Story are like trying to tell the truth about what has happened.

“This is Mo. Everyone, don’t leave Mo. Mo will show the truth, Mo doesn’t want anything other than the love that everyone is giving to Mo now,” the account wrote again.

Although some claimed that the status was written by Tangmo’s mother, Panida Siriyudthayothi, the woman’s lawyer denied the matter.

Earlier, authorities ruled that Tangmo had died as a result of drowning and not as a result of accidentally falling into the Chao Phraya river after two months of investigation.

It at once denied allegations that the incident took place due to the negligence of his friends.

For the record, Tangmo reportedly fell from a boat on the Chao Phraya river on Feb. 24 and his body was found two days later.

source – Gempak


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