‘I should have acted in this story but …’ – KUASA – Yusof Haslam’s family story?

DIRECTOR and producer of the film, Datuk Yusof Haslam does not deny that some of the scenes played in the premium drama KUASA have little in common with himself and his family.

However, Yusof Haslam insisted that it was just a coincidence and a fabrication because the original idea came from his daughter Syamin Yusof.

“When I watched the first episode, I didn’t deny it was like there were similarities with myself, it just so happened that it was a story in the entertainment world but it was normal.

“Actually, if you want to follow many of the stories that are featured in the drama, there are similarities with the families or individuals who watch.

“This is a story of reality and fantasy further embellished with the creativity of its director, Kroll Azry.

“Syamin is the younger brother of Syamsul who came up with the idea for this premium drama. Don’t get me wrong because it’s not a story from Yusof Haslam’s family.

“There is no denying that conflicts in the family are normal. In fact, I myself cannot run away from the perception of the public. They have the right to put their own assessment,” he told Gempak .

Yusof was spotted during the press conference of the premium drama Power of Astro Shaw collaboration and Skop Productions at Dadi Cinema, Pavillion, on Wednesday.

The drama, which will meet the audience from April 11, highlights the fictional story of an influential family in the entertainment world that lives full of glamor, fame, greed for power and betrayal.

KUASA which is the Astro Original of the series features a combination of senior and new actors such as Nazim Othman, Nadia Brian, Ridzuan Hashim, Ning Baizura, Dazrin Kamarudin, Izzy Reef, Nia Atasha, Alicia Amin, Syanie Hisham and Azri Iskandar.

Yusof added that he should have been involved in the premium drama but due to time constraints, it did not happen.

“I was supposed to act in this drama but due to the work schedule not allowing it, then the character was given to someone else.

“Fortunately, I’m afraid that if I act again, people will believe about my family. What is for sure, the plot and storytelling of this drama is different from the existing dramas,” he said.

KUASA tells the story of a family of a leading publisher who is very influential and lives in splendor, with three children who will inherit his legacy.

Each member of the family has their own agenda in order to dominate the empire.

Watch KUASA which will be shown on Astro Citra channel at 9.00 pm, starting April 11.

You can also stream on the Astro GO or On Demand platforms. Follow interesting info and clips through Astro Gempak and Astro Shaw Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts.

source – Gempak


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