“I really miss you” – After Abby Abadi’s mother, father died

“I really miss you” – After Abby Abadi’s mother, father died

IN less than half a year, former member of the Elite group, Abby Abadi lost both her parents.

After losing her mother, the late Hasnah Abu last October, Abby was tested by the passing of her father, the late Abdul Manan Tadin, 87, on Tuesday.

Abby informed that the deceased father’s remains were bathed at the Asobirin Mosque AU5C and buried at the Islamic Cemetery AU4, Lembah Keramat, after Zohor prayer yesterday.

The sad news of her late father’s passing was shared by Abby through a post uploaded on Instagram (IG).

Abby said her father had done so much for her and her family that she felt enough for the love he had given her.

“I testify that this father takes good care of me and fulfills his responsibilities to his children.

“Dad has many good qualities, but the closest thing is that he likes to give charity. Although he doesn’t have much, he likes to spend money to give to others.

“It’s true that some are lacking because fathers have many children. But for my part, I feel enough.

“Thank you dad, I really miss you,” Abby wrote.

However, Abby did not share details about the death of her late father, but previously, the mother of six had shared her father’s condition.

Earlier, Abby lost her late mother after fainting while undergoing dialysis treatment at a medical center in Kuala Lumpur last October.


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