‘I love being viral’ – Ning Baizura doesn’t mind criticism

‘I love being viral’ – Ning Baizura doesn’t mind criticism

FAMOUS SINGER Ning Baizura is not disheartened by the criticism received by netizens following a viral video on the TikTok and Twitter applications involving her performance singing the song Awan Yang Terpilu at a performance center, recently.

On the other hand, through several uploads on Instagram, the singer still shows a positive attitude and refuses to take criticism that is made recklessly.

“Thanks for going viral on my show, now I have 333,000 followers on Instagram.

“I love being viral,” said the 47-year-old singer in a sarcastic tone on Instagram Stories.

Through the video that was transmitted, Ning, who performed at an entertainment center in Bangsar, was shown as if she was unable to sing the song well to the point of sounding discordant.

Yesterday, Ning informed that she performed for four days in a row at the location, delivering 20 songs, and the sentimental value of the song was also a factor in why she became emotional while delivering it.

“So, I feel that those who spread the video are unreasonable. The action is more to find a weakness and try to bring me down. Besides, they were not at the scene, so do not know what happened,” she said.

source – Astro Awani


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