“I don’t even plan to retire” – Ella

“I don’t even plan to retire” – Ella

The country’s Queen of Rock, Ella appeared to answer questions about the act of deleting all posts on her Instagram account except thanking fans.

According to Ella, because of that, many people misunderstood that some speculated that she wanted to retire.

“I never even thought about retiring. So when there are questions like that I feel sad.

“Now that I know, it feels like maybe now is not the time to retire,” she said.

In the meantime, Ella also explained that her actions had nothing to do with concert gimmicks but rather a sincere message to express gratitude in conjunction with the 35th anniversary in the music industry.

“Actually, a lot of people have asked, there are hundreds and thousands of comments. Some asked not to leave because they grew up with my songs.

“Actually, I didn’t have any intention when I deleted the picture, instead I wanted to thank the fans from the bottom of my heart.

“Usually we just scroll through the latest uploads, so if there is only one post left, at least they will read what I have to say.

“I want the fans to know that I really appreciate those who gave me support until now.

“It has nothing to do with organizing a concert or anything. My thank you is very special for the fans,” she explained.

In another development, Ella will perform with the 35 Years Concert – Final Volume: Ella Puteri Kota which will take place at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil on 10 June.


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