“I didn’t expect to duet in my 50s” – Ziana, Anuar created the history

“I didn’t expect to duet in my 50s” – Ziana, Anuar created the history

“I didn’t expect to duet in my 50s” – Ziana, Anuar created the history – concert tickets that sold out in the blink of an eye

KUALA LUMPUR: As long as they are artists, Anuar Zain and Ziana Zain have never been disliked by many.

The love of their loyal fans is uncomparable.

Because of their charming personalities apart from having charm as performers, it is not surprising why these two brothers managed to strengthen their position on the art scene of the country for more than four decades for Anuar and three decades for Ziana.

Thus, when the concert organizer Anuar Ziana Zain Live In Kuala Lumpur 2022 announced the duo’s concert, they did not have to wait long to get rid of worries and worries about whether tickets for the show could be sold.

This is because, in the blink of an eye, all the concert tickets of the two high -profile stars have been sold out, thus creating history for the two beloved singers.

Anuar and Ziana never stop expressing their gratitude to the Almighty for never ceasing to facilitate every affair of their art careers.

For Anuar and Ziana, every sustenance and goodness that God has bestowed must be used by them as well as possible and honestly.

“Alhamdulillah, the blessings of Allah SWT, we are grateful. Probably one of the reasons is because we haven’t met fans in a long time in a creative state.

“Thank you so much to the media friends and fans who continue to give sincere support for both of us,” said the note of appreciation that is often uttered by the golden-voiced singer who was once famous for his song Bila Resah dan Lelaki Ini.

The inspiration for organizing the Anuar Ziana Zain Live In Kuala Lumpur 2022 Concert, said Anuar again, came after he and his sister expressed their desire to fulfill the desires and hopes of their fans who never stopped asking when they could see them share a stage in the capital.

At the same time, Anuar and Ziana also always keep the ambition to appear on a stage in an elegant performance pattern as a celebration of their art career journey.

“What is special (this concert) is that after almost 12 years (the first concert together at the Singapore Esplanade), we are working together on a large scale.

“After aspiring for so long to make a concert in Malaysia as a duo, it was finally accepted by Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah, we are grateful, “explained Anuar.

Asked his opinion on the extraordinary response shown by the fans through the sale of concert tickets which ran out in a short time as a sign that he and his sister are still relevant and well received, once again Anuar expressed his infinite gratitude.

“We are grateful that the old song was accepted by the country’s music fans. This situation is due to the relentless support from the fans who continue to be loyal supporters in addition to the work team and media friends who always provide exposure for both of us.
“The relationship between the fans and the media is very important for us to maintain harmony,” said the 52 -year -old man while carving a smile.

For Ziana, the excitement that is hard to hide is the opportunity to share the stage with her beloved brother who is also a ‘senior’ in the music industry.

“The important thing is to be able to share the stage with the siblings in Kuala Lumpur. This is something that means so much to me and Anuar. For the first time we can see the siblings for a concert on one stage.

“And what moved me the most was that we were both together in our 50s… oh God thank you very much,” Ziana shared her feelings.

According to the singer who started to make a name for himself through the song Madah Berhelah, Anuar Ziana Zain’s Live In Kuala Lumpur 2022 concert is very special and too personal for her and her brother.

“This concert will definitely be a wonderful memory for us siblings and will also definitely cure the longing of the fans. We both realized it had been too long and there was a lot of demand for us to perform at the concert.

“Alhamdulillah, it’s time. Pray for all our affairs to be simplified on June 6, ”said Ziana.

To celebrate her and her brother’s art journey, Ziana admits, fan support will be a motivation for both of them.

Therefore, on June 6, Ziana and Anuar have agreed to combine their artistic experiences on this special stage.

For 90 minutes as well, the two of them will make the most of the time given to cure the longing of the fans who have long been the backbone of their career success.

“All I can say is that for 90 minutes we will take full advantage by focusing on the list of songs that have made us popular. We will also of course sing each other’s songs.

“The rest, come see our performance okay,” said Ziana, 54, in a very cheerful tone.

Anuar Ziana Zain Live In Kuala Lumpur 2022 concert will take place on June 6 at the Plenary Hall, KLCC starting at 8.30 pm.

source – Saharudin Musthafa


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