‘I am sad, upset’ – Shila Amzah is disappointed to be insulted

‘I am sad, upset’ – Shila Amzah is disappointed to be insulted

SINGER Shila Amzah revealed after her divorce she was insulted by netizens with a bad stigma just for being a widow.

Shila or real name Nur Shahila Amir Amzah, 31, said she was sad and disappointed because the status was seen as a bad image for a woman.

“After becoming a widow, I actually get a lot of DM (personal messages) that are not the best from netizens, which is like there is already a bad stigma on people who are divorced.

“Who wants to get married and get divorced? They have to stop pointing out that looking for a divorced person is evil.

“I am sad and upset because moreover, those who said that are not men but women. As a woman I am embarrassed and I hope they can think back on what they said.

“Frankly, when these words reach me, it makes it difficult for me to recover after a divorce,” she said.

Commenting further on her life now, Shila admits it can be managed well.

“Even so, I can say my life now after divorce is better and I can also manage children easily.

“In fact, I am also grateful to be able to focus back on my art career,” she added.

Shila and her ex -husband Haris Idraki Elias separated after four years of marriage.

The couple was blessed with a light -eyed man, Seth Uwais who is now three years old.

source – Gempak


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