“I am mentally ill, sometimes chronically” – Yasin Sulaiman’s expression behind the iron curtain

“I am mentally ill, sometimes chronically” – Yasin Sulaiman’s expression behind the iron curtain

KUALA LUMPUR: “I’m mentally ill… sometimes chronic.”

That is one of the lyrical verses titled Aku Bipolar produced by nasyid singer and composer, Yasin Sulaiman who is currently serving a prison sentence in Sungai Buloh on charges of trafficking dangerous drugs such as marijuana.

The latest song produced by Yasin or his real name, Mohammad Yasin Sulaiman, 46, was uploaded on his Instagram page today.

It is the second song created by the Mimpi Laila singer since being behind the iron curtain, the first song was produced last May after more than a month of being held in prison.

The song Aku Bipolar , which revolves around the expression of Yasin’s feelings, is believed to have been uploaded by his family members along with #YasinSulaiman and #Solidarityforyasinsulaiman.

In addition to claiming to suffer from mental illness, the lyrics of the song, among others, are also believed to state that Yasin needs ‘cannabis treatment’ to cure his illness.

“Thoughts wander, I experience psychosis…” thus quoting the verse of the song again.

At the end of the lyrics, the Malay and Australian celebrity is seen once again emphasizing the words “I’m bipolar.. please be aware.”

Previously, Yasin when interviewed by a news portal admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder since 2009.

He also admitted that he had received treatment in the psychiatric ward for two weeks at one of the hospitals in Kuala Lumpur.

On July 6, Yasin was spared the death penalty after the Petaling Jaya Magistrate’s Court acquitted him of the charge of trafficking dangerous drugs of the ganja type estimated to weigh 214 grams in March.

However, he was charged with possession of cannabis-type drugs weighing 193.7 grams and charged under Section 39A (2) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

It provides for life imprisonment or not less than five years in prison and not less than 10 lashes.

source – Hashim Muhammad


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