How to remove personal information from Google search results

How to remove personal information from Google search results

New feature within the Google app will be deployed gradually around the world

GOOGLE wants to simplify the process of removing search results that contain personally identifiable information. Currently rolling out for beta testing – in the US and on Android only – this options takes the form of a new feature within the Google app.

The idea is that tapping on your profile icon will give rise to a new menu option called “Results about you,” leading directly to a page that explains how to request that Google remove search results containing personal information such as contact details.

This could be a postal address, as well as an e-mail address or a phone number that you do not want to share. Generally speaking, it concerns all types of personally-identifiable information.

The procedure is quite simple. When you see pages in your search results that disclose personal information, you can click on the accompanying menu (the three small dots) and then select the option “Remove result.”

You’ll be able to monitor the status of your removal requests in the “Results on you” section.

There, you can also submit requests for the removal of other pages, on several grounds, if they contain personal contact details, or illegal or obsolete information, for example, whether shared innocently or maliciously.

If your request is approved, these pages will no longer be indexed in the Google search engine.

On the other hand, they will obviously not be modified, and your information will still feature on the page in question. As with any new feature at Google, this functionality will be deployed gradually around the world.

If this menu is not yet available to you, these requests can also be submitted manually via Google’s support website.

source – ETX Daily Up

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