How the moustache is shaping up to be a hot new facial hair trend

How the moustache is shaping up to be a hot new facial hair trend

The latest wave of Hollywood blockbusters have turned the stache into the hottest must-have look

MOUSTACHES might bring to mind Salvador Dalí, Charlie Chaplin, Hercule Poirot, Tom Selleck or Freddie Mercury. Whether real or fictional, these people all have all rocked a stache in one way or another. This physical characteristic has crossed the ages, from the Antiquity to the hippie movement – not without mockery and criticism – but has in recent years been viewed as the height of tackiness.

Only hipsters, or almost, seemed to embrace this thin strip of hair covering their upper lip, preferably worn without a beard – that’s cheating. However, the tables could be set to turn very soon, if the latest hit movies coming out of Hollywood are anything to go by.

Inspiration from Miles Teller and Chris Evans

Who said that the moustache was passé? While it makes a comeback every year in November for a good cause, raising awareness about men’s diseases as part of Movember, it is a movement in style that’s bringing it back to the forefront today. Who would have believed it? Not us. But there’s no denying that Miles Teller and Chris Evans – the charismatic stars of two of this summer’s major blockbusters – have clearly contributed to putting the stache back in the spotlight, in a retro-chic version that’s already creating a following.

Respectively released in May and July 2022, the movies Top Gun: Maverick and The Gray Man did not have much in common, except for a marked taste for the stache. And it is precisely this – together with the actors’ performances, of course – that started a buzz on social networks.

In no time at all, men were rushing to their scissors and clippers, carefully trimming hair and fuzz to give themselves the famous chevron moustache seen on many celebrities of the ’80s. This may be hard to believe when it comes to Millennials and Xennials, but it’s certainly true for Gen Z, the main demographic embracing the return of the moustache.

A real trend

On TikTok, there are now dozens of moustache-related hashtags. The most popular are #mustache with nearly 3 billion views, #mustachepower with nearly 18 million views, or #mustachestyle with nearly 17 million views. All of this shows a definite craze for this facial hair feature, and especially for the impact it can have on a look. And if the two feature films mentioned above have a role to play in the emergence of this trend of the fall, they aren’t the only movies bringing the moustache back in vogue.

Less conspicuous, a moustache was nevertheless present on the upper lip of the actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train, released at the end of the summer. And the stache also seems to have found favor with Owen Wilson, who chose not to get rid of his after the release of the movie Secret Headquarters, in which he plays a moustachioed superhero.

One thing’s for sure, whether you like it or not, you’ll have to get used to seeing moustaches for a few more months (at least). In The Greatest Beer Run Ever, slated for release at the end of September, Zac Efron will also take to the screen with the traditional chevron-style moustache – a true ode to the ’80s and the decade’s decidedly inimitable style.

source – ETX Daily Up

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