“Hope it brings peace” – Fattah Amin’s new song 5 Zikir

“Hope it brings peace” – Fattah Amin’s new song 5 Zikir

FANS of the country’s entertainment industry who closely follow the development of popular celebrity Fattah Amin, certainly know the changes he goes through from time to time.

This 33-year-old figure started modeling, then polished his talent in acting and then expanded his wings in singing.

However, Fattah’s choice is not songs with a commercial concept because he instead likes the genre of preaching, divinity and praising and worshiping the majesty of God.

Most recently, Fattah has just launched five exclusive dhikr songs in conjunction with the arrival of the month of Ramadan which can be found through the Mukmin Pro application.

Fattah said he was eager to share these dhikr songs with fans and the wider Muslim community.

“It is an honor to sing this dhikr exclusively on the Mukmin Pro app, and I hope it brings solace and peace to those who listen to it during this blessed month of Ramadan,” he said.

These dhikr songs published by Mukmin Pro are part of Fattah’s new focus on producing more dhikr content and Islamic music.

Five dhikr tracks namely Iktiraf, Taubat Nasuha, La Hawla wala Quwwata illa billah, Rabbi Yassir, and Zikir Fatimah are available on the Mukmin Pro application.

This project is produced under the Masyhur brand which is a record label under Universal Music which also supports this initiative.

According to Fattah again, he and his wife, the famous celebrity Nur Fazura, have long harbored the desire to have such an application and program.

“Our desire (with Fazura’s wife) to create an application has existed for a long time. We were tickled, one day we would like to have a program like this.

“That’s where we started to ‘create’ the Mukmin Pro application. Actually, Faz and I have many plans to create more besides the features that are in Mukmin Pro.

“One of the Daily Zikir that we previously planned , at that time I thought why not do it myself. Since I am a Universal Music artist, the previous two songs with them were also divine songs.

“So I thought, there is already a Daily Zikir feature , why not make a zikir from me and maybe after this there are many more famous artists or there are more artists outside the nasyid, Islamic and Divine genres that we can collaborate to put in the features Halwa,” he said.

According to him, their intention is nothing but to let people know about Qiblah, tell them about prayers and spiritual things.

“So, we thought to do it ourselves and from there I met my friends and started producing this project. At first we planned to produce three dhikrs.

“These zikirs are the ones that people are already ‘familiar’ with . We made new music and new arrangements . From three it suddenly became like it wasn’t enough because one zikir was only two minutes long.

“It’s too short. That’s why we added two more. We have five complete dhikr tracks ,” he said.

These dhikr songs can be experienced through Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube from the first week of this Ramadan distributed by Masyhur/ Universal Music.


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