Hop Into Lunar New Year Festivities with TaiwanPlus

Hop Into Lunar New Year Festivities with TaiwanPlus

TAIPEI, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate Asia’s largest holiday season, TaiwanPlus has announced a diverse lineup of Lunar New Year programming. The platform aims to shed light on Taiwan’s celebrations of the global holiday through a series on auspicious cuisine, a livestream event featuring Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and pop superstar Abao, and other festive content to ring in a prosperous Year of the Rabbit.

Taiwan is home to several unique holiday traditions that set the nation apart from its neighbors. In a Holiday News Highlight, TaiwanPlus dives deep into topics ranging from shopping and year-end banquets to local religious traditions. The Lunar New Year is also an occasion for Taiwan to showcase its internationally renowned cuisine. TaiwanPlus will launch a new ASMR style series on seasonal favorites like fish with rice noodles and braised pork knuckles — dishes designed to bring luck, prosperity and health.

TaiwanPlus will also livestream a Lunar New Year’s Eve concert featuring Taiwan’s biggest pop stars and performance artists. The inaugural event, titled “WE ARE,” focuses on Taiwan’s multicultural identity and unique voice. One performing artist, Abao, sings her chart-topping R&B songs in Paiwan, the indigenous singer’s mother language. The four-hour event will also include performances from major artists including Kimberly Chen, Accusefive, Dwagie, Fire EX, and the widely renowned contemporary dance company, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre.

TaiwanPlus CEO Michael Yu believes that TaiwanPlus can act as a window to Taiwan for English-speaking audiences who may not be familiar with the holiday. “Taiwan offers a truly unique perspective on the global holiday,” he says. “I encourage the culturally-curious to join TaiwanPlus in celebrating the Year of the Rabbit through Taiwan’s food, customs, and music.”

The entire lineup of Lunar New Year programs is available for free on the TaiwanPlus website, YouTube channel, and app. “WE ARE,” an event organized by the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC), will air back-to-back on January 21 and January 22, 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. (UTC +8) on TaiwanPlus’ YouTube channel.

About TaiwanPlus:

TaiwanPlus is the premier global provider of English-language news and infotainment from Taiwan, one of Asia’s most vibrant democracies. Our diverse team of journalists and producers is committed to delivering independent news and stories that inform, enlighten and inspire audiences worldwide.

With Taiwan at the nexus of global geopolitics and trade, TaiwanPlus offers a unique perspective on everything from cross-Strait relations to Taiwan’s culture, including world-class programming covering food, travel and entertainment. Viewers can watch TaiwanPlus on its website, mobile app, 24/7 live-streaming YouTube channel, and other social media platforms, as it continues to expand access worldwide.

SOURCE – TaiwanPlus


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