Hispanic Heritage: Music, Fashion and Art

Hispanic Heritage: Music, Fashion and Art

MIAMI , October 17, 2023 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The rich diversity of our Hispanic culture is manifested in impactful ways through music, fashion and art.

George Esquivel

T he recent collaboration between designer George Esquivel and Shoe Palace shows us exactly that. Together, they have transformed the iconic all-white New Balance 550 sneakers into true works of art. Each pair requires between 3.5 and 4 hours of meticulous work to add and remove dyes and creams, creating unique and personalized designs. F or fashion lovers looking to get their hands on a pair, the opportunity to enter monthly raffles is being offered through the George Esquivel website . https://georgeesquivel.com/

“Palo Santo” EP Created by Mujeres Latinas

Music is the heartbeat of a culture, the long-awaited EP “Palo Santo” is ready to captivate music lovers . T his truly special project has been completely created by talented Latina women, from songwriting to production.

W omen songwriters represent only 2.5% of the music industry, “Palo Santo” is a testament to the talent of Latina women in music. With emotional lyrics by Angelica Maria , a prominent Chicana poet, and production and songwriting by IM Yoni, a musical collective of talented Latinas in Mexico City, this EP is a shout-out to female passion and creativity in music. Additionally , a mini documentary is available to delve into the creation process of the second single. Link to video: https://youtu.be/iXLfsHoopHo?si=2d51wjfAnxZpUzx3

Karla & Co

Fashion is a language without words to express who we are and where we come from. Karla & Co., a brand that was born in 2017, has established its mission in allowing Latinas to express their culture in an authentic and fun way. Karla strives to create high quality clothing at affordable prices .

With a vision that emphasizes positivity and authenticity, Karla & Co. offers everyone the opportunity to embrace their heritage through fashion. Each garment is a reminder of the richness and beauty of Hispanic culture.

Whether through shoes that challenge limits , music that uplifts the soul, or fashion that celebrates identity, these expressions remind us of the importance of celebrating the diversity of Hispanic culture. Join the celebration and show your pride in Hispanic Heritage!

Contact: The Dream Team Agency, [email protected]

SOURCE – George Esquivel


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