Hear Never-Before-Told Stories About 80’s Power-Pop Legend, Freddy Moore

Hear Never-Before-Told Stories About 80’s Power-Pop Legend, Freddy Moore

Hear Never-Before-Told Stories About 80’s Power-Pop Legend, Freddy Moore, in Upcoming Virtual Video Event Hosted by Rare Bird Books

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On February 10, 2022, at 6:30pm PST on Crowdcast never-before-told stories about singer/songwriter/musician Freddy Moore will offer a glimpse into his life before and after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Freddy’s friend and fan club president, Kevin Newton, will have a candid conversation with Freddy’s wife, Renee Schyjer, and Shannon Guyton, co-author of his memoir, It’s Not A Rumour: A Rock & Roll Journey Through Life and Alzheimer’s.

It’s Not A Rumour, written by Frederick Moore and Shannon Guyton, was published by Rare Bird Books and released September 19, 2021, six years after Moore’s official diagnosis at age 60. The book is a tribute to Moore’s colorful life and musical legacy, his and Renee’s enduring love story, and their fight against Alzheimer’s.

Known as Rick by family and friends, Freddy was Moore’s flamboyant “feline” on-stage alter ego when he was the leader of the 1980s band, The Kats/The Nu Kats.

His career spanned decades and included teaching himself to play guitar, writing the lyrics to 1,000 original songs, forming multiple bands, and even starring in a few film roles.

Moore’s bands performed at legendary Los Angeles clubs, including Whiskey a Go-Go, The Troubadour, and Starwood, and headlined alongside The Police, The Knack, and The Motels. Moore is most recognized for the song and accompanying music video, It’s Not A Rumour, which he co-wrote with then-wife Demi Moore and recorded with The Nu Kats.

Though receiving multiple recording contracts, Moore refused them all, not wanting to relinquish the rights to his work. Instead, he recorded under his label, General Records.

Renee and Freddy first met in 1981 when he and the band moved to LA. Their friendship shifted to romance a decade later, and in 2005, the couple married.

A steadfast fixture in his life for over forty years, Renee noticed Moore’s failing memory long before receiving his devastating diagnosis in late 2014.

“Music flows in his bloodstream, and every song he wrote was one of his children. He knew them like no one else did. I sensed something was wrong when he’d forget lyrics or wasn’t able to play a song all the way through,” Renee shares.

Renee finally convinced Freddy to seek medical attention. Upon learning Freddy had early-onset Alzheimer’s, she was determined to do two things: slow the progression of her husband’s disease through any means possible and ensure his legacy – and their love story- lived on.

Accomplished content writer Shannon Guyton interviewed Freddy for over a year, compiling the incredible stories of his life as a prolific singer/songwriter and musician in the 1970s and 1980s. Renee made it her mission to slow the progression of his disease. She immersed herself in researching Alzheimer’s, applying for clinical trials, exploring alternative therapies, and investigating the role of nutrition.

Recalling his life and sharing his stories with Guyton significantly slowed the hold Alzheimer’s had on his memory, but a brain bleed in 2016 resulted in an abrupt decline in Moore’s health that halted their collaboration. Guyton finished the book by interviewing band members, friends, family, and Renee. After keeping Freddy’s diagnosis a secret for years, It’s Not A Rumour offers complete transparency of his journey through life and with his battle against Alzheimer’s.

Now 71, Freddy resides in a care facility in Los Angeles. Renee continues to do interviews and share stories about her husband’s incredible life, reaching out to music enthusiasts, fans, and those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease.

“Just as country music legend Glen Campbell and his wife, Kim, wanted to preserve ‘what magic was left’ after Glen’s 2010 Alzheimer’s diagnosis, I want to do the same for Freddy by sharing his life story, his genius, integrity, and creativity,” explains Renee.

Renee’s mission is to offer support and community to those dealing with the loss of their loved ones because of Alzheimer’s. “I’ve had to deal with watching the person I love most disintegrate in front of my eyes, and I know many others are going through the same terrifying experience.”

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