Having suffered a stroke four times, Azman Warren got up and turned singing into soul therapy

Having suffered a stroke four times, Azman Warren got up and turned singing into soul therapy

LIKE death comes back to life.

That’s the expression of the evergreen singer, Azman Warren, who shared his experience of having four strokes in the past two years.

The singer who became famous through the Karma album described the second chance given by Allah SWT to continue living that he will not waste.

“The first time my health deteriorated dramatically was when the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented.

“Maybe because at that time I couldn’t go out to work to earn a living, my mind was tangled and drifting.

“At the beginning of 2020, the doctor confirmed that I suffered a major stroke and was paralyzed in half of my body. I was sitting at that time.

“I used to question destiny why this happened to me when I don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol and live a healthy life.

“Over time, I learned to accept the provisions of destiny and even my son, James Adam Warren gave me many words of encouragement to continue fighting against illness.

“If we are strong, God willing, everything will be fine,” he said when met by Astro AWANI, recently.

Tracing his journey as an artist over the past three decades, Azman admits that chasing popularity is no longer the main agenda in his life.

Azman who appeared in the compilation album Ikhlas in 1991 which also featured Zainal Abidin, Zubir Ali, Afdlin Shauki, Amir Yussof, and Sheila Majid is now comfortably known as a street singer with his own style.

“Perhaps there are old singers who are shy to do a show on the side of the road or in front of a restaurant.

“Honestly, I have no problem with this kind of work because seeing people entertained by my performance is like soul therapy for me.
“This year marks my fifth year entertaining visitors in front of restaurants.

“Usually I will start playing the guitar and entertain the visitors as early as 7am and finish around 1pm,” said Azman who uses the restaurant locations around Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) and Ampang Jaya as busking locations .

Share this singer of Malay-English descent, there is great hope that his health will recover considering there are many plans to be completed next year.

The focus is now to highlight the issue of the Rohingya refugee struggle that needs attention and proper help.

“Since the beginning, I have intended to go into the field to help the Rohingya people.

“When I lived in Australia, I got involved a lot in humanitarian projects to help the less fortunate there.

“If Allah SWT permits, I intend to create a community or a special place specifically for the Rohingya ethnic group to follow skill training towards ensuring that the citizens of the country are skilled in certain fields.

“This is important for them because some may not be ready to work or employers are not ready because Myanmar refugees do not have basic skills.

“As an entertainer, I am ready to go into the interior and perform entertaining performances while donating,” he said cheerfully.

source – Faida Rahim


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