Haus Cosmetics launch BeauBright, a technological formulation from Switzerland

Haus Cosmetics launch BeauBright, a technological formulation from Switzerland

KUALA LUMPUR: Local halal cosmetics brand Haus Cosmetics is now introducing its newest product, BeauBright, which is formulated with technology from Switzerland.

Its founder, Eiyma Jalil said, BeauBright Jelly and Brightening Retinol Cica Serum, which also received GMP recognition, act to provide brightness and health to the user’s skin.

“Recently, many users have been affected by products containing mercury, hydroquinone, which cause their skin to be severely damaged, so through this technology from Switzerland, they can improve the health of the skin from the inside.

“It also strengthens the skin barrier and provides moisture. Users can use external skin care products but if added with an internal range like this BeauBright, it will speed up the brightness ( glowing ) and skin health,” she said.

She said this to Astro AWANI at the BeauBright Launch Ceremony here on Saturday.

This latest product is enriched with hithion as a brightening agent and dracobelle through collaboration with the founder of Mibelle Biochemistry, Dr. Fred Zulli from Switzerland to help moisturize the skin and strengthen the skin barrier .

In the meantime, according to Zulli, her company is responsible for developing active ingredients for the cosmetic and nutraceutical industry, in addition to seeing the collaboration with the Haus Cosmetics brand able to bring this technology to improve the beauty industry in Malaysia.

“We offer two ingredients which can help in reducing impurities in the skin.

“In fact, external use through it also supplies more collagen to the skin to give better health and moisture to the user’s skin,” she said.

Haus Cosmetics in the meantime plans to penetrate the Indonesian market and targets as many as 20,000 agents for the brand next year.

source – Haikal Raman

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