Hattan sympathizes with Ning Baizura

Hattan sympathizes with Ning Baizura

“I sympathize with her..”

That was the expression of the legendary singer, Datuk Hattan when asked to comment on the quality of his comrade-in-arms, Ning Baizura’s performance through a clip singing the hit song Awan Yang Terpilu that went viral on social media recently.

According to Hattan or his real name is Mohd Shukri Shahabudin, 57, he does not blame Ning and even admits that the actress-turned-singer is a very good singer.

“Sometimes, they don’t even want to be like that. I watched Ning’s video, when we reach a certain age, she lost her head voice .
“But I don’t blame her either. Maybe she was too tired because from what I read, she sang 20 songs in 4 nights.

“So we can’t expect anything. Forgive her because she has given birth, people who give birth have problems,” she said .

Hattan was spotted at the gala night of his acting film, Gadis Jolobu which was held at GSC The Starling, Petaling Jaya on Friday.

It is clear that the singer of Biso Bonar’s song again, he does not like to see virtual people judging Ning’s singing and then bullying her in the cyber space.

“I don’t like seeing people kill her, bully her, do you think she want to sing like that? But there’s only one thing, she has to go see Siti Chairani back, get back what she has (vocal strength). She is a good singer ,” he explained.

In the meantime, Hattan admitted that the emotions of a singer who is sad and crying while performing can also determine the quality of the performance.

Hattan explained again, as a singer, he himself once faced a situation where he could not finish his singing due to tears.

“When I was launching the song on October 5, I was stuck, I remembered Bob’s son died, I remembered I picked up his body, I didn’t sing half of the song.

“That thing can really influence, he can actually get his head voice back when it’s over. He has got the head voice but it seems that he has lost focus in the middle. But he has done his best, don’t blame her,” he said again.

Around the beginning of this week, a clip of Ning’s singing at a club performance stole a lot of attention after she allegedly failed to perform her own song.

According to Ning, the act of spreading the video is considered to be a deliberate attempt to bring down his reputation, showing that he seems unable to sing the song well to the point of sounding discordant and incomplete.

source – Gempak .


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