“Happy birthday Ayash Affan” – Shuib celebrate his youngest son’s first birthday

“Happy birthday Ayash Affan” – Shuib celebrate his youngest son’s first birthday

‘Pejam celik, pejam celik’ 365 days have passed.

During that period as well, the country’s famous singer, Siti Sarah Raisuddin returned to rahmahtullah due to COVID-19.

Siti Sarah’s passing on 9 August 2021 was mourned by many because at the end of her life, the deceased was heavily pregnant with her fourth child as a result of sharing her life with comedian and successful businessman, Shuib Sepahtu.

Fate decided that Siti Sarah was invited to the eternal land leaving the light of the fourth eye to continue the love and affection of the celebrity who is loved by many.

Ayash Affan was born by surgery two days before his mother passed away.

Three days ago, Ayash Affan who turned one year old was surrounded by his father, brothers, family and friends who celebrated his presence with love.

All of that is reflected in the sharing made by Shuib through social media, especially at the celebration of his birthday.

Shuib said the sharing on his social media account was a precious memory for him.

“Save for memories, Ayash Affan’s first birthday, 06.08.2022”, wrote Shuib simply in the caption.

In the same partnership, Ayash received two pieces of cake before the song Allah Selamatkan Kamu and Happy Birthday were sung by Shuib and his family.

The simple but meaningful reception was also attended by Shuib’s mother, Salamiah Jalani and his father-in-law, Raisuddin Hamzah.

Shuib’s sharing also received feedback from many celebrities who prayed for Ayash.

As of this writing, the share has received nearly one million views and 130,000 likes.

Besides Ayash, Shuib and Sarah’s marriage was also blessed with three more children namely Uwais Alqarani, 11, Dzahira Talita, 9 and Ariq Matin, 7.

source – Astro Awani


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