Hans denies vote-buying, will give statement to PKR election committee

Hans denies vote-buying, will give statement to PKR election committee

Political officer maintains her team were professional, ethical in their duties

KUALA LUMPUR – Allegations of vote-buying in the Ampang PKR division are merely attempts to tarnish the good name and political reputation of chief candidate Datuk Hans Isaac, according to his political officer.

Stressing that Hans has never practised money politics to win votes, Nadhirah Farhanah said that she and his team members have always maintained their professionalism and integrity when carrying out their duties.

“Hans was not involved at all (in the alleged vote-buying) and denies all false accusations that have been made,” she said in a brief statement today.

“The democratic system that is currently practised clearly shows that Hans is the choice of PKR voters in Ampang and also has the support of voters who want reform but are still on the fence.”

She added that Hans will be submitting his official statement and report to the relevant authorities – including the PKR election committee – so that the “baseless slander” can be dispelled.

Earlier today, The Vibes reported that PKR member Muhammad Syafiq Zulkifli lodged an official complaint to the committee, alleging ethical misconduct involving the celebrity-turned-politician.

According to the document sighted by The Vibes, Syafiq claims Hans and those in his team were supposedly involved in money politics in a bid to secure votes during the re-election on Wednesday.

He said he identified the perpetrators as being from Isaac’s team via wristbands worn by the supposed malefactors, which depicted the latter’s campaign motto “Ayuh Ampang Baru”.

Unofficial results released yesterday showed that Hans managed to clinch victory in the race for the Ampang division chief post, after edging out his closest competitor Syed Ahmad Abdul Rahman, or Altimet, by a meagre two votes in the re-election.

Altimet has since submitted a request for a recount to be conducted.

source – The Vibes


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