Handmade batik accessories attract the younger generation

Handmade batik accessories attract the younger generation

KUALA LUMPUR: Batik motifs are gaining a place in the hearts of young people not only through clothing, but are now also featured in women’s accessories through various craft techniques.

Creative in creating accessories such as earrings, bracelets and hairpins that look unique and suit the taste of young people, Dayang Nur Syafiqah M.Roslan, 27, believes that batik should not be limited to formal wear or sarong fabric at home.

“To me, batik should also be worn casually, including when doing leisure activities on the weekend, for example when going shopping.

“So what I am trying to do and present is to modernize this traditional heritage to be contemporary but still fit the culture of our society,” she said.

The holder of a Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design from the Malaysia Institute of Arts said she was inspired to produce the completely handmade accessory when she realized it was more popular than the used clothes or ‘bundles’ she sold at a car boot sale in 2019.

“At that time I was just trying to sell this accessory as a side sale, but I didn’t think it would be the best seller and sold out first,” she said, who now runs an online business using the Oh Dayang label.

Even more proud, the result of his creativity not only captivates the young generation between 18 and 35 years old, but has even received orders from customers from abroad including the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dayang Nur Syafiqah said she takes between 10 minutes and two days to complete each accessory, which involves processes such as carving, cutting, pasting and drying glue.

She said the accessories sold at prices ranging from RM30 to RM65 were produced depending on the availability of time and he often participated in bazaar sales to introduce the brand to the public.

Speaking further, the mother of two said that the selection of batik fabric depends on the type of pattern in addition to the bright color that is often chosen, not only for finished products but also for special orders.

“I don’t limit the type of batik used because they all have their own characteristics, but I usually use Malaysian batik, especially Terengganu batik,” she said, who on average can produce up to 50 accessories a month.

Dayang Nur Syafiqah, who works full-time at an e-commerce company, said that in addition to generating additional income, the hobby allows her to make use of her knowledge as well as express her interest in art since childhood.


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