Hajiji encouraged local producers to release Sabah history films

Hajiji encouraged local producers to release Sabah history films

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor has encouraged more producers to produce films related to Sabah’s history and the formation of Malaysia.

According to him, the production of historical films such as Silence of The 177 which narrates the survival and sacrifice in the events of the Jesselton uprising can give exposure to young people about what happened in 1943.

Hajiji said, the production of films related to the history of Sabah, the formation of Malaysia and nationhood can elevate and elevate the history of the state and the country.

“Such films can also cultivate a sense of love for the homeland and the spirit of nationalism among the audience especially the younger generation.

“We want the younger generation to understand and know the history of the state and the country,” he said who was met during the pre-launch promotion of the film Silence of The 177 directed by the film’s director, Marcellus Abas (Marc Abas).

At the same time, Hajiji also spent time attending the Youth Relaxation event with the Chief Minister to Watch the Mat Kilau Film Screening organized by the Sabah Youth Council and the Institute of Government and People Cooperation (IKRAR) of the Chief Minister’s Department at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), Suria Sabah, here , last night.

Also present were Hajiji, Sabah Rural Development Minister Datuk Jahid Jahim; State Minister of Special Duties, Datuk Dr Mohd Arifin Mohd Arif; State Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Ellron Angin; Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Muhammad Suryady Bandy; State Secretary, Datuk Seri Safar Untong and Kota Kinabalu City Mayor, Datuk Noorliza Awang Alip.

source – Astro Awani


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