“Hafidz can meet the children, just don’t meet me” – Nurul Shuhada

“Hafidz can meet the children, just don’t meet me” – Nurul Shuhada

“The FEELING of love is very subjective. I love him as a father to my children. Between us, the match may have just arrived here. I’m content with whatever God decrees.”

This is what the wife of actor Hafidz Roshdi, Nurul Shuhada Mat Shukri, said when asked if she still has feelings for Hafidz so far.

Nurul Shuhada said, she also never forbade Hafidz to meet his children.

“Even if we are still together, I want him to have a close relationship with the children.

“I live in a normal family, not divided. Me and my brother are very close even we watch football matches together.

“I want to see Hafidz’s relationship with the children as well. So, there is no obstacle for Hafidz to meet the children. He can see and contact my family. He just can’t see me,” she said .

When asked if Hafidz gave any money for expenses or maintenance for her and the children, Nurul Shuhada chose not to answer.

In fact, several times Nurul Shuhada was seen looking at the face of her lawyer, Nurfarhana Abd. Manaf to answer that question.

Hafidz and Shuhada got married on 30 April 2016 and they were blessed with two children, Humairah, 6; and Umar, 2.


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