GV9 is always full of surprises… Could there be two champions like before?

GV9 is always full of surprises… Could there be two champions like before?

THE fierce competition between six stars namely Jaclyn Victor, Shila Amzah, Bob Yusof, Tomok, Hazrul Nizam and the VE group at the final stage of the Gegar Vaganza concert season 9 (GV9) which will take place tonight.

The six stars of GV9 have to ‘bare their fangs’ and ‘go all out’ to perform well at the concert that will be held at the MBSA Auditorium, Shah Alam.

It is certain that all the fans have high hopes for their favorite singers who have been supported since the beginning of the first week of concerts until today as the champion of GV9.

As a reporter on duty throughout the GV9 concert, the writer could see the improvement made by each participant, some of whom were consistent with their performances apart from some who ‘up and down’.

In fact, maybe the audience themselves are expecting one of the stars who will bring home the title of GV9 champion since they have always been in the top position or safe since the first week.

We can see the performance of the star Jaclyn Victor who from the beginning highlighted her strong vocals and her performance also always received praise from the regular jury.

Not only Jaclyn, Shila Amzah is also one of the GV9 contestants who always make sure her performance is done well to stay in the top position.

Don’t forget Tomok who has set the ‘standard’ of his performance from the first week and always gives surprises, but there are times when he receives criticism from the judges.

As for Bob, his vocals don’t need to be disputed anymore since he really has strength in that aspect and his performance is also seen among others getting a lot of praise.

Talking about Hazrul, his start was a bit noisy but he managed to overcome his problem and his performance got better and better until he qualified for the final stage.

Who would have thought that the VE group that initially many thought that the three of them would not reach this level, but managed to prove people’s impression wrong by constantly improving the performance in terms of vocal harmony.

So, each star has strengths and privileges that qualify them to compete in the GV9 finals, but the performance of the week is not what determines who is the champion.

Perhaps, history will repeat itself again with the appearance of 2 champions such as singer Hady Mirza and Naqiu who shared the title in Gegar Vaganza season 6.

Jaclyn? Shila? Tomok? Bob? Hazrul Nizam? VE? Let’s watch GV9’s final concert tonight!

GV9 which began broadcasting on September 18 from the MBSA Shah Alam Auditorium featured Nabil Ahmad and Elly Mazlein as hosts.

source – Gempak


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