Grayson Music Group Launches Artist-Driven Global Music Maker Community SNGL

Grayson Music Group Launches Artist-Driven Global Music Maker Community SNGL

Renowned Music Company Grayson Music Group Launches Artist-Driven Global Music Maker Community SNGL

TORONTO, Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Grayson Music Group (GMG), the world-renowned music conglomerate specializing in music and sound across film, television, and advertising, announced today the official launch of its newest artist-driven global community platform – SNGL – on March 1, 2022.

“Grayson Music Group has long been about harnessing our network and infrastructure to promote and build the value of music, artists, and copyright,” states Bridget Flynn, CEO of Grayson Music Group. “At the onset of the pandemic, we realized our niche ability to artists by building a collaborative space to create and monetize their music, not bound by demographic restrictions. ”

Under the direction of GMG’s chief creative officer Tom Westin, SNGL welcomes creative directors, songwriters, and award-winning producers Ryan Kondrat and Tyson Kuteyi, and A&R manager, Marcello Favia to usher in the development of this new global ecosystem of creators and reshape the future of music and monetization, with direct access to revenue streams – built by artists for artists.

Launching on March 1, 2022, the platform fosters the creative process across all music divisions. Year over year, SNGL will build, host, and nurture song camps with artists, producers, and writers from all over the globe in a collaborative format, to break down traditional barriers of song creation with one common goal – to democratize the way music is made and heard around the world.

“Our effort is to evolve the traditional music model by bringing together talent from around the world in a way that allows artists to collaborate with producers and writers they wouldn’t otherwise have access to,” states Ryan Kondrat, Creative Director SNGL. “We want artists to be able to foster their creative spirit while potentially securing their next single or sync placement and for us to bring back the spirit of music creation in new, forward-thinking ways.”

Having already secured syncs with Reddit, Grey’s Anatomy, 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, Zillow, and Winners over the past year, SNGL has quietly built the community and placed co-written songs from its song camps with Banners, Molly Moore, and Delaney Jane, amongst others.

Past participants include King Garbage (SZA, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding, Leon Bridges); US gold-certified producer Akeel Henry (Shawn Mendes, Ty Dolla $ign, Toni Braxton, Daniel Caesar); Canadian staple Dragonette; Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning; Dominique Sanders (Boyz II Men, Jeremih, Jay Stone); Ralph, LU KALA, Ryland James and more.

Further information on SNGL song camps, will be located at

Grayson Music Group represents a multitude of music-focused companies, including Grayson Music, The Wilders, The Music Assembly, and now SNGL. Founded in a culture of collaboration, the award-winning teams work with hundreds of agencies, brands and networks every year with a mission to elevate content through music and sound, while continuing to build the value of music. By creating harmony between people and brands through the power of music, Grayson Music Group skillfully expresses the human experience through sound.

SNGL exists to disrupt the traditional barriers of the music industry. Founded by artists for artists, SNGL is a global ecosystem of creators ripe with the intent to shape the future of music and monetization, bound by unhinged creativity and direct access to revenue streams. Aiming to democratize music, one song at a time, SNGL is the artist, the collective, the maker, and the consumer, allowing artists to create and monetize their music in unique ways.

-Grayson Music Group (GMG)

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