Good fortune, fate and an unexpected flight ticket save the day in ‘Lost Man Found’

Good fortune, fate and an unexpected flight ticket save the day in ‘Lost Man Found’

Catch the Japanese series which tells the true story of a struggling actor on Disney+ Hotstar from tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR – When fortune, fate and perfect timing are on your side, nothing can stop you – not even a total lack of talent. In the upcoming series, Lost Man Found, watch and wonder as a failing actor turns his life around and meets the woman of his dreams when luck steps in and takes the reins.

Based on the unique story of famed Japanese actor Satoru Matsuo, this upcoming 10-part series is set to debut exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar from tomorrow.

Centred around the life of failed actor Satoru Matsuo, Lost Man Found opens at a life-changing moment for Satoru, when he accidentally discovers a plane ticket underneath a vending machine.

What ensues is a web of unpredictable events that showcase Satoru’s connections with people, the chance encounter he makes with the woman of his dreams, and the tragic news that his brother Takeshi has collapsed in the USA.

A refreshing looking at the complexities of the human condition, this tragic comedy is filled with laughter, sadness, and intrigue from start to finish and showcases just how important the support of other people is in achieving your dreams.

Starring the wildly popular Taiga Nakano (Life’s Punchline, Kyou Kara Ore wa!!) as Satoru Matsudo and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (Midnight Swan, The Stormy Family) as his brother Takeshi, Lost Man Found also stars Sari Ito (Just Remembering, We Couldn’t Become Adults) as Satoru’s love interest Yui Higa.

It is directed by Tsuyoshi Inoue (Amachan, Idaten: Tokyo Olympic Banashi) and written by Shin Adachi.

Lost Man Found is the latest Japanese drama to be added to the ever-expanding library of endless entertainment available on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Start streaming Lost Man Found, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar from tomorrow.

source – The Vibes

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