Golden Bullet Awards won PUBG Mobile Malaysia and Singapore players

Golden Bullet Awards won PUBG Mobile Malaysia and Singapore players

BAHANG PMPL MY/SG S4 is still felt with the victory of its champion, Geek Fam, picked up this time by PUBG Mobile Esports with the existence of PMPL MY/SG Season 4 at the Golden Bullet Awards which was held for the first time.

Director of PUBG Mobile, Southeast Asia, Oliver Ye said, although the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic disaster, there was an increase in the local esports industry.

“In this regard, MDEC with eGG Network would like to celebrate Malaysian and Singaporean esports professional players.

Players will be entertained by Masya Masyitah’s popular performance with Mandarin songs ‘Jiu Meng Xin Su’ and ‘Remuk’, will also present two special awards for the Best Ingame Leader and Best Performance Team categories at the prestigious event.

“This is an appreciation for me for being invited to enliven and entertain the esports community in Malaysia and Singapore.

“Thank you for this willingness for inviting me to be part of the first awards ceremony of its kind.

MDEC Digital Industry Chairman, Gopi Ganesalingam said MDEC wanted to create more opportunities for the country’s young people and related communities in the esports arena and with the Golden Bullet Awards, hopefully more initiatives will follow in the future.

-eGG Network

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