‘God tests us a is sign of love’ – Amyra Rosli

‘God tests us a is sign of love’ – Amyra Rosli

AFTER dark, come light. Such is the metaphor of the test that hit the beautiful actress and lawyer, Amyra Rosli last April.

After her own health was tested due to a mysterious illness, Amar Baharin’s wife’s emotions were disturbed when her second child, Ayra Aryssa, was tested for a blood vessel inflammatory disease known as Kawasaki.

She was voted Most Trusted Television (TV) Host at the Reader’s Digest 2022 Trusted Brand Awards or Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands and People Awards, recently.

Later, she was chosed as the face of the hijab campaign, MINAZ Blooming Adha 2022, Kembara Cinta for the Aidiladha celebration.

“God tests us, a sign of love. That’s the way of life. God tests us, we must accept and do better.

“Despite all the bitterness and struggle, I gained sweetness. In the hustle and bustle of hosting Nona and focusing on the family, I who still new became a recognized lawyer.

“Then, sustenance came when MINAZ offered to collaborate for this campaign,” Amyra said.

Kembara Cinta

Amyra said she was intrigued by the theme featured for the MINAZ campaign.

“Kembara Cinta, which was chosen for this Hajj campaign, seems to accurately translate what I have gone through since more than 13 years in the art league.

“Including when I was tested, I realized a lot of love and self-love,” she said, who underwent the photography of the hijab campaign at the Sri Sendayan Mosque, Negeri Sembilan recently.

Meanwhile, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MINAZ Hijab, Hafiza Abd Hamid or better known as Pija MINAZ said that Amyra’s selection was in line with the concept highlighted this time.

“Entering the fifth series of hijab releases by once using the services of Kilafairy, Nora Danish and Nelydia Senrose, we have never given up on giving variation to fans and lovers of this brand’s legacy.

“Now, Amyra’s face and personality are seen to coincide with the concept of Kembara Cinta. Her sweet oriental face adds to the charm of politeness and decency,” said Pija MINAZ.

Middle East

This collection of ‘cotton’ pom -poms priced at RM29 only is still of high quality with packaging comparable to premium brands.

However, this time the collection featured more natural concepts and sketches of floral motifs outside the box than usual.

It will be launched on June 25 at 8 pm at www.minaz.com.my and can be purchased from stockists and registered agents nationwide.

“Inspiration was taken from Middle Eastern countries through my travels to countries such as Turkey, Mecca and Medina. The specialty of this collection is equipped with key details taken from the structures and monuments in those countries combined with flowers through the environment and atmosphere there.

“The color selection was also chosen in line with the environment in the Middle East which is more ‘earthy’ and natural. The collection this time is also present in a sedondon edition for mothers and children at the request of many,” said Pija MINAZ.

To date, this brand of hijab has managed to meet the demand of fans with sales of 1.1 million pieces to date.

At the same time, the brand is still continuing its efforts to achieve the mission of helping more housewives and families generate additional income and get up to live a better life.

source – GEMPAK


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