Go-kart activities for prisoners a mistake – French Minister of Justice

Go-kart activities for prisoners a mistake – French Minister of Justice

PARIS: The initial plan was to make it a fun day at France’s second-largest prison, but photos and visuals of inmates driving go-karts sparked protests and authorities have now admitted the decision to hold the day was a mistake.

Guards and inmates at Fresnes Prison, south of Paris, took part in an event adapted from a reality TV show called Koh-Lanta.

“If I had known there would be a go-kart competition, I would have imposed a ban,” said Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti while announcing that he had ordered an investigation.

The right-wing politician condemned the idea of ​​holding the day, not least after learning that two prisoners who also took part in some of the activities, were serving sentences for murder and rape.

In addition to playing go-karts, other activities carried out include quiz competitions and obstacle courses.

One of the prisoners who participated was reported to have just served a 10-year prison sentence starting last year.

The nine-page investigation report published on Tuesday said that although permission had been granted by the ministry, the application documents did not specify exact details of go-kart games or water activities.

The report said the idea of ​​holding the day was sparked by the Chief of Fresne Prison, Jimmy Delliste, aimed at “strengthening the fraternal commitment for the benefit of three charities, represented by a group of prisoners, staff members and young people from Fresnes”.

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