Global Live Streaming Platform LIVIT Crowns Winner Of “One Take Season 2” Talent Competition

Global Live Streaming Platform LIVIT Crowns Winner Of “One Take Season 2” Talent Competition

Hosted by rapper Flawless Real Talk, the ‘One Take Season 2″ finale featured heartwarming moments from the final two contestants

LOS ANGELES, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LIVIT, the global live streaming platform with more than 45 million users worldwide and rapidly growing across the United States, concludes their final episode of the “One Take Season 2” talent competition. Watch the full Season 2 recap video here.

Hosted by rapper Flawless Real Talk, the season 2 finale aired on Wednesday, July 21st and featured stunning performances from the two final contestants Pae Dobles (@paedobles) and Ian Navasca (@iannavasca). Producer Larry Ohh made a guest appearance on the final episode and provided the night with his industry expertise and great feedback on the night’s performers.

Delivering two unique performances during the show, contestants Pae Dobles and Ian Navasca battled to take home the $5,000 grand prize. After four weeks of intense competition, both streamers debuted their best performances of the season and closed out the night with a head-to-head showdown. Ian Navasca went first and put together a dance compilation that featured hip-hop inspired and tutting choreography, whereas Pae revealed a bass-heavy DJ set filled with high energy dance moves. Taking a moment during the show to highlight their individual journeys, Pae and Ian shared what they would do with the grand prize if they won, which left both Flawless Real Talk and audiences at home speechless.

Streamer @iannavasca shared, “The number one thing I would do is pay off my mom’s cancer bills. Number two, I would like to support a dance studio called Treasure Box, that offers free dance classes to the community. Number three, I would like to use this money to save up for my future family.”

Streamer @paedobles added, ” I have a baby boy and I am a single mom. My son seems to have a communicative disability. I am going to be using the money for him to be checked and for him to be cured.”

After hearing both of the finalists’ heartwarming stories, LIVIT and Flawless Real Talk awarded the winner Ian Navasca (iannavasca) $5,000 during the stream and later surprised the runner up Pae Dobles (@paedobles) with $2,000. A truly incredible night and ending to the “One Take Season 2” talent competition, LIVIT is proud to announce that One Take has been renewed for Season 3 and is confirmed to begin on August 15th, 2021. Stay tuned to the LIVIT app and LIVIT’s socials here for more updates on the “One Take Season 3” auditions.

Flawless Real Talk mentions, “Season 2 was packed with amazing talent! Performers from across the world gave it their all for a chance to win $5,000. Our finalists, Pae Dobles and Ian Navasca, exceeded expectations and made our finale something to talk about going into Season 3. The stakes will be higher, the prize will be bigger, and the show will be even better. Only on LIVIT!”

LIVIT is an international live streaming app for rising music artists, entertainers, and influencers. Powered by Taiwan-based 17LIVE, a leading global social entertainment company, the live streaming app was launched in 2019 and has more than 45 million registered users across the globe. As the largest live streaming platform in Asia, the platform is expanding to multiple international markets. The company plans for its North American operation to be a curated space where artists can collaborate, interact directly with fans, and grow their careers. No matter who you are, or which corner of the world you reside in, you can connect with anyone through LIVIT’s media platform to showcase your talents and passions.

LIVIT enables users to watch real, entertaining, and live content 24/7, as well as making real connections with streamers and other viewers. They can see into the lives of the hottest talent and most captivating personalities, be a part of the supportive community by commenting in streams, help their favorite streamers achieve their dreams, and attend exclusive events such as virtual music concerts.

LIVIT is available for free download on iOS and Android HERE.

About 17LIVE:
17LIVE Inc. operates the largest live streaming platform in developed Asia. Anyone with a talent or a passion to share can be an artist and the Company’s mission is to empower artists and entertain the world through its platforms. The Company’s live interactive platforms include its flagship live entertainment streaming app 17LIVE (LIVIT in English markets), Meme Live and live streaming shopping platforms HandsUP and FBBuy. For more information about 17LIVE, please visit

About Flawless Real Talk:
Alberto Martinez, also known as Flawless Real Talk, is a rapper, producer, performer and entrepreneur who emerged to international acclaim following his success on Netflix’s 2019 smash reality TV show Rhythm + Flow. Originally from Rhode Island, Flawless broke into the music industry as an Atlanta transplant in 2010, opening for the likes of Ludacris, Rick Ross, and Tech N9ne. For more information about Flawless, visit



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