George Khouri & Klassik Release the “Funk Dat” Music Video, Bringing the 70’s Back!

George Khouri & Klassik Release the “Funk Dat” Music Video, Bringing the 70’s Back!

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — George Khouri & Klassik release the music video for “Funk Dat,” the hit single from their “Lucky 7” album. “Funk Dat” is an upbeat, Pop Funk song with catchy lines and hypnotic vocal melodies. With a disco dance floor and a neon pillow fight, you can’t help but want to join the party happening in “Funk Dat.” George Khouri said, “I was having so much fun filming the video that I forgot to deliver my lines in half of the takes.”

George is the creator of the “Black Coffee” comedy series, as well as the face of multiple Drake parodies which have amassed millions of views on YouTube. He’s seen showing off his sharp comedic acting skills at the start of the video and in many of the other hilarious scenes in Funk Dat.

Shamelessly eating an entire bag of potato chips , George then enters into a dream sequence that takes viewers back to the 70s and all the funk style that era had to offer. The bell bottoms and platform heels take over George’s world from there. Also, the vibrant dance floor scene was captured at the iconic Electric Studio in the heart of downtown Detroit.

On co-directing the video, George, says “It was really exciting to see both sides of the camera. I had to think about how to perform and also what post production may look like.”

As for the anonymous music artist Klassik, who claims to be “everywhere & nowhere,” he was not present during the videoshoot and also not available for comments as it relates to this press release. George can be seen lip syncing to Klassik’s parts during the video. Although they have an entire album together, it has been said that Klassik only communicates with George via coded messages.

George & Klassik are already planning future music videos to compliment their Lucky 7 Album. The album is dedicated to luck and timing, which are two things you can’t always plan for. Nonetheless, George and Klassik feel that the stars have aligned and now is the time to showcase the powerful sound they create.


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