Geeked Week 2022 recap: all the news and sneak peeks from Games Day

Geeked Week 2022 recap: all the news and sneak peeks from Games Day

The five-day virtual event closes on Friday with a slew of news and first looks at all things games

GEEKED Week is officially wrapped, but the games are just beginning.

Hosts Geoff Keighley and Mari Takahashi closed the five-day virtual event on Friday with a slew of news and first looks about all things games, ranging from games-inspired series like The Cuphead Show! and Sonic Prime to our long list of new mobile games, which will double our current catalogue to approximately 50 titles by the end of 2022.

Learn about new releases like Poinpy – now available to play – and get ready to step into the world of your favourite Netflix series and films with games such as La Casa de Papel and The Queen’s Gambit Chess.

Missed the epic Geeked Week finale? Don’t stress! Netflix has compiled the latest announcements, hottest clips and everything in between every day this week to keep you up-to-date and in the know.

Get the full download below from Day 5 of Netflix Geeked’s virtual event celebrating Netflix’s genre series, films and games:

Dragon Age: Absolution: That’s right! The hit role-playing video game is being adapted as an animated series at Netflix, and we’ve got the new teaser and the poster to prove it.

Tekken: Bloodline: The iconic Japanese fighting game franchise is getting the anime treatment! Hear from Chief Producer Katsuhiro Harada as he introduces never-before-seen exclusive clips from the series and touches on the background of a fan favorite character.

The Queen’s Gambit Chess: The tables have turned and now you get to take part in the ultimate game of chess. See a first look at the trailer and the locations for this upcoming game, which lets you take lessons, play puzzles and matches, and compete against online competitors or familiar faces from the award-winning limited series.

The Cuphead Show!: Get ready for the latest misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious brother Mugman with a new teaser for the upcoming episodes of this video game-turned-series.

Lucky Luna: Check out the first trailer for this platformer based on Japanese folklore, in which you can join Luna on a magical journey to the depths of hidden dungeons and mythical temples as she unlocks the mysteries of her past.

Desta: The Memories Between: Duck and cover… and watch the trailer for this new turn-based strategy game inspired by the game of dodgeball. Overcome broken relationships and a tragic family event, all through the medium of a surreal and exciting ball game.

Poinpy: To celebrate the launch of this vertical climber game – available to download and play today – see the trailer for this experience that lets you dodge adorable baddies and feed the blue beast hot on your heels. Warning: The more you play, the harder the game gets.

Sonic Prime: Our favourite hedgehog is coming to Netflix as you’ve never seen him before. Get a sneak peek at this new animated series featuring an incredible twist that puts the fate of the multiverse in his gloved hands.

Castlevania: Nocturne: A year ago, we ended Geeked Week on an epic mic drop: News of a new Castlevania series centered on Richter Belmont during the French Revolution. Now, get a sneak peek at the iconic Rondo of Blood hero in action.

The Cuphead Show!: Want more scoop on what’s to come? Then check out this table read from a new never-before-seen episode and see the faces behind those iconic voices.

To get the full download on all the heart-stopping news, jaw-dropping clips and can’t-miss moments out of Geeked Week, check out our recaps from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4. Visit for more details.

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