GE15: Awie helped campaigning for Cap Pokok Independent Gerneral Election candidate at the Balik Pulau Parliament

GE15: Awie helped campaigning for Cap Pokok Independent Gerneral Election candidate at the Balik Pulau Parliament

BALIK PULAU: The 15th General Election (GE15) campaign in the Balik Pulau Parliament today was enlivened by the presence of rock singer and popular actor, Datuk Awie, who came to the field to help the campaign of Independent Cap Pokok candidate, Datuk Seri Sabaruddin Ahmad.

Awie or his real name is Ahmad Azhar Othman, 54, said that he went down to meet the people around Balik Pulau on the basis of his friendship with the Independent candidate.

According to Awie, he along with Sabaruddin did a walkabout around Kampung Seronok and also in Kampung Permatang Pasir.

He also had time to stop by at a friendly ceremony to have lunch with the local residents.

Awie said he hoped the people of Balik Pulau would support the new machinery of the Cap Pokok candidate in order to see changes in the Parliament.

“I know my friend can do the job, now in today’s political turmoil we have to find a suitable candidate, don’t look for a party, we have to find a candidate who can do the job.

“So, I think this is the right candidate, God willing. I came here not because I am an artist, I came here because of my passion, we put the artist aside, it’s just a brand.

“I came in the spirit of support, our spirit is inside not outside, I hope the people of Balik Pulau can support the new machinery we give to the Tree Party that will develop this place, I am confident… God willing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sabaruddin said, with six days left in the campaign, he will continue to greet voters and meet as many Balik Pulau residents as possible.

He explained that, as a native of Balik Pulau, he was confident that he would be able to win the hearts of the people and promised to help solve the problems raised to him during the campaign.

“So far today, thank God, today I walkabout with Dato’ Awie, we went to many places and everything went smoothly with solid support.

“God willing, I will continue my campaign until the end. Many voters have already been found, and my team has also entered many areas that I cannot go to. If I want to cover 80,000 people, I will not be able to, so I will distribute my team to enter the area,” he said.

He, who contested for the first time in the GE, said he wanted to help the people of Balik Pulau who were squeezed by the pressure of the cost of living in addition to wanting to see Balik Pulau develop on a par with other areas in Penang.

The businessman said that he did not promise the moon and the stars but vowed to ensure the welfare of the people and solve the problems of the people if he was given a mandate as a representative of the people in the area later.

Datuk Seri Sabaruddin Ahmad faces five rivals involving the incumbent Datuk Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik (Pakatan Harapan), Datuk Shah Headan Ayoob Hussain Shah (BN), Muhammad Harris Idaham Abdul Rashid (PN), Ahmad Fazli Mohammad (GTA) and another candidate. Independent, Datuk Seri Johnny Ch’ng Ewe Gee in GE15.

source – Dewi Nur Harasha Alias

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